Any Good People left in the Organization

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  • jst2laws


    How about naming some who you were associated with.what do you know about them today?

    Dean Songer, Jerry Decker, Charles Jackson,Dwanye Lee,Dan Kallistead,etc.Where are they now ,in or out?Are they considered good people?

    I wish I knew. Jerry is in Altanta. Except for a run in with the CO a few years ago that got him temporarily removed as an elder, he is alive and well and loyal to the org.

    One I am very disappointed with is Gary Beaux. When I knew him inside and outside Bethel he was genuine. He saw the flaws in the org. In his cautious way he even took a stand for issues as I did. He is back at Bethel, in the service dept and is now content to set next to a convicted pedophile and defend him in court, as he did recently in the Berry hearing. I know he WAS a GOOD person. Jst2laws

  • hillary_step

    Hello Just2Laws,

    Yes, there are and will always be good people within the WTS. I know many very decent, good-hearted people, including many elders who are trying their best to live their lives out as well as they can in the circumstances. We must remember that they are what we were.

    Recently an long term JW friend visited me. He had prepared a lot of information from the WT to try and help me, from his viewpoint, to deal with many of the doctrinal issues that I discussed with him in a previous visit. Of course, there was little common ground to be found, but I was sincerely touched by his kindness in having thought of my welfare. I told him candidly that it would be sensible if he prepared himself for the fact that one day he may have to chair the committee that disfellowships me. He cried like a child at the thought.

    I have to say that I have more respect for this misguided JW than I have for some XJW's, who presumably are less misguided, who find it too easy to condemn by association, people such as this man. It is almost the antithesis of the condemnation of 'worldlings' that goes on within the WTS. That is, anything and everybody 'wordly' is evil, everything and everybody with WTS attached to it, is equally evil. This reasoning is far too simplistic to be of any use, apart of course for giving the opportunity to vent our rage and an opportunistic scenario where we are able to blame all the ills in our life on the ‘World’ if we are JW’s, and the WTS if we are XJW’s.

    Though the WTS seeks to conquer an individuals spirit, it will never completely achieve this, for there lives in all our hearts a genetically impelled spirit of freedom that can never be conquered. History attests to this. It may be hidden from view and only bought out at precious moments, but it is there, and this is where cognitive dissonance becomes so obvious with JW's.

    Best regards - HS

    PS - Are you any relation to Just2ThousandFourHundredLaws ( Ted )

  • xjw_b12
    We must remember that they are what we were.

    HS.............. Amen. But just dosen't it rip you up inside, to watch these beautiful people waste their lives.

    xjw_b12 " Mllions Now Living Will Never Die Know "

  • jst2laws


    I told him candidly that it would be sensible if he prepared himself for the fact that one day he may have to chair the committee that disfellowships me. He cried like a child at the thought.

    Poor fellow. This is so hard on honest people who cannot understand

    I conveyed in my Scarlet Letter thread that the three elders who loyal disfellowshipped us were truly good men too. The poor guys came with watchtower articles and several scripture proof texts to set me straight:

    There were some technical flaws in the judicial process that the good brothers (I mean that, these are some of the good ones) did not handle according to the "book" (Paying Attention to the Flock). I feared the Appeal Committee might notice and feel responsible to address them.

    They were more in agony over the process than we were. Some if not all of them volunteered to be on the judicial committee to either help me with my alleged spiritual problems or protect me from the Pharisees on the body.

    I hope they know I will be there for them when they are ready. In fact that was the last thing I said to them as I left the KH for the last time.

    Just another example why I am certain there are a lot of good people yet shakled to the system.

    It was great of you HS to try to help the brother. But they will only respond when they are ready.


  • onacruse

    I can't agree more with all those who clearly distinguish between the organization and the people that are being manipulated by that organization. I would go so far as to say that every JW is basically good people, except for a very small minority of "organization men" who knowingly and deliberately foist their unloving corporate policies and recklessly destroy the lives of innocent and well-meaning followers.

    If ever some hapless JW was being persecuted for their beliefs, I'd do everything in my power to help them (including, of course, to help them see the light and leave the org). But when the WTS finally faces the wrath of Caesar (and I've no doubt that day is coming), I'll jump up and down for glee, and grab the nearest shovel to help bury their sorry carcass.


  • DubbedNoMore

    My experience has been that there are many "good" people still in the organization. They are just missguided as we were. Perhaps some of us are taking our anger of the organization and transfering in unto the people. I am sure that we all can think of those who were kind and caring to others. It is not the individual who decides to shun someone or to stay away from an inactive one, it is the policies of the Borg that do that. The individual witness is doing what they think is the right thing in God's eyes. We can't fault them for that, only pity them. Of coarse, there are some who show no inkling of understanding of what being a christian means. These individuals make everyone's life misserable.

  • sherry
  • sherry
  • onacruse

    Hi sherry, and welcome to the forum!

    Keep trying...sooner or later your post will show up


  • figureheaduk

    Well, as many of you may know well......

    My girlfriend is an ex member of the borg who wants to go back and get baptised between 9/11 and "armageddon" (her view being that 9/11 and the recent Iraq conflict are the start of things to come). She has a kind, friendly personality that reminds of the reason why i fell in love with her a few years ago.

    But basically, she is a good person, and so are the members of her family that are still JW.

    It is those who are leading the watchtower and falsely prophecize under "god's" name that are beneath my contempt. If only the 6 million or so could open up their eyes and realize that it is money, power, and hatred of non jws etc that is involved and nothing else........

    Leebo/figurehead (of the never-been-part-of-this-nonsense class)

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