Any Good People left in the Organization

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  • jst2laws

    In Sherry's behalf,

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    Titlere -any good ones left
    MessageI think we were all attracted to the org because of a void in us and once work through our issues and baggage we see the light and either decide to stay and be a hypocrite or escape to real freedom---then the TRUTH really sets us free...It took me 28yrs to leave...I was 15 when I became a JW

    You figured out the private message box. Now check your messages, there is a phone number if want help post directly. Otherwise keep contacting me through private messages and tell me what you are doing. Maybe we can get you posting.


  • teejay

    What's this labeling people who stay "hypocrites"? I'm not getting that.

  • IslandWoman

    I did not stay or leave because of pain. I stayed because of love and left for the same reason.

    Blanket statements like the one below never "cover" everyone. I am not the only one who stayed because of loving the brothers and the Org., thinking they were lovers of God, and who left for love of God.

    Plenty of people -- and I'm sure you're no exception -- saw plenty wrong with the JW religion, but we stayed. Why? Because leaving was harder than staying. Leaving entails the pain of lost relationships, possible shunning, figuring out a whole new lifestyle and perhaps finding a new religion.

    Leaving was easy, coping with it was another matter.

    There is no way we can know the causes and reasons for the leaving or staying of everyone here.


  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Yes, there are still good people in the "ORG". Trouble is, "they" don't take the inititive to visit those that no longer attend and, of course, the following applies:

    Most Jehovah Witnesses have been indoctrinated over a period of time and carefully manipulated to conform to relinquishing free will, give up analytical thinking, education, family, friends, social normality, sovereignty and perceptions


    Nuff said about that!

  • LoverOfTruth

    We who have escaped from (or thrown out of) the Organization have been blessed.

    Now we must pray for those remaining. I have a firm faith that God loves each and every one of them. He is sad for them because they are not truly happy and free.

    Forgive them for they know not what they do.

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