What is the WTS's motive?

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  • Gerard
    [They] use it for operational expenses, etc. >>>amac

    You are kissing your own chains of mental slavery. I hope you heal someday.

    From the happy sidelines,


  • gcc2k

    Amac said it nicely:

    In conclusion, it cannot be denied that the WT brings in a ton of money and buys and sells a lot things to continue to make more money. However, there is nothing to back up your claims that the GB use this money for their personal wealth and betterment. Just because you find some dollar amounts in a half assed research attempt on the internet does not prove anything. As stated with all these properties, there are logical and practical uses for them. The WT has a record of being very shrewd in their real estate purchases....big deal.

    Clearly, we know the money is there, the question is, who is benefitting from it? No one seems to know, so if there is something rotten in Brooklyn, it's the world's best kept secret. Prove financial misconduct at the top of the organization and the WT will tumble down and shatter into pieces. If you can't, you've got to wonder (at least I do) whether this perhaps is/was God's organization and it's simply been mishandled by a few people.

  • amac
    You are kissing your own chains of mental slavery. I hope you heal someday.

    LOL! The Omniscient One is able to read minds and hearts through DB's! Don't pretend to know anything about me or what I believe in. You have successfully avoided my challenge to show how the WT's money is being given to the higher up members and instead chosen to reply as a condescender who has the much sought after knowledge that the rest of us desire.

    I am certainly NOT bound by any WT beliefs and under no mental slavery (anymore than the rest of mankind that is.) Again, nice try.

  • amac

    Thank you for the confirmation gcc2K!

  • Gerard
    You have successfully avoided my challenge to show how the WT's money is being given to the higher up members >>>amac

    I'm sorry, I asumed you were able to read. Let's try again for you but with more photos:

    On the topic of low standard of living, please look at these pictures of their accommodations with groomed grounds, multiple suites, open travel and expense accounts, spas, tennis courts, servants, company cars and chauffeurs.

    Click on this link or paste it in your browser to see more.


    On the issue of power . . . . They have 12 million + people who hang on their every word, who treat them like royalty, who meet them and greet them and wine and dine them and see that their every need is met. How does this compare to your life? Or how does it compare to the life of the elderly pioneer who is single and old and living in poverty on the entitlement system to meet her needs?

    How does this compare to your backyard?

    The leaders living in powerless poverty is a doctrine like Millions Now Living Will Never Die. Do the facts support it?

    The Way I See it http://www.freeminds.org/buss/buss.htm


    "On June 12, 1995, at 1530 Alaska daylight time, a wheel equipped Cessna 402B airplane, N710WS, registered to and operated by the Watchtower Bible Organization and Tract Society, collapsed its nose gear while taxiing back after landing. The business flight, operating under 14 CFR Part 91, departed Good News, Alaska, and the destination was Tuntutuliak, Alaska. No flight plan was filed and visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The airline transport certificated pilot and the three passengers were not injured and the airplane was substantially damaged.

    According to the Director of the Watchtower Bible Organization, who was also a passenger on the airplane, they were taxiing back to the ramp after landing. The runway had just been graded and a small depression in the runway's surface was filled with soft material. The airplane's nose gear rolled into the depression and the nose gear collapsed.

    The Director of the Watchtower Bible Organization stated that the soft area on the runway had been marked with yellow cones. He stated that the runway maintenance person told them the cones were removed so the runway surface could be graded. The cones had not been replaced.

    There were no NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen) issued. The Alaska Supplement, however, states that runway conditions are not monitored and that a visual inspection is recommended. The supplement states that there are dips and ruts to 4 inches deep."

    Cruise Speed: 210 kts Fuel Capacity: 102.00 gal Range: 1180 nautical miles.

    Cessna 402B , The letter "B" stands for Business comfort & Luxury.

    Their destination, Tuntutuliak, Alaska is located 440 miles west of Anchorage with one well known activity : Salmon fishing.

    Think of them having fun with their luxurious airplanes next time you go out on the field or send them your money!

    N.Y property class # 210 stands for One family Residence.

    The Watchtower bought this residence in 09/30/1998 for the amount of $226,708. Tax free.


    So, amac, how many "humble" $226,708 residences do you own?


    Property code is 555 (New York's real estate code for Outdoor Sport Activities) it is a Riding stable (taxt exempt) with a sale price of $2.4 million.

    If you can't, you've got to wonder (at least I do) whether this perhaps is/was God's organization and it's simply been mishandled by a few people. >>> gcc2K
    Thank you for the confirmation gcc2K! >>>amac

    Enjoy the blessings of ignorance and denial.

  • amac

    Ohhh Gerrald -

    Would you be happier if they lived in little huts and shantys? Or if they let the lawn grow really tall and threw a couple broken down cars on it?

    Have you ever been in the living quarters of one of the GB? I have, and it was the siza of a studio apartment.

    You are a fanatic, almost as bad as a JW, and you seem obsessed with how much money the WT has. Too bad you have failed to show how personal riches are the motives for any of the WT Leaders.

  • amac

    Oh, by the way, I like how you reposted all your little articles, yet you failed to ever respond to my explanations for each. Who did you say is in denial?

  • kgfreeperson

    What is the reason that JWs don't have any charities or participate in any charitable organization's "good works."

  • amac

    Good question kgfreeperson...probably deserving of its own thread.

  • Gerard

    Psssst!! Yes, you amac. Come're! Wanna buy a bag of miracle wheat? How'bout a bag of miracle rye?

    Even better, how'bout a membership to heaven? I so do have a direct channel with God...! On summers we'll fly on my private airplane so you get to help me measure the Great Pyramid to make up some werid stuff and impress some dudes. You just sign your will to me and you'll get an acomodation in a trailer park and will get to work for me for no pay. Have a criminal history? Pedophilia? No problem!!! We'll shelter ya from the coppers!

    Get closer...right...we even do human sacrifices. I'm telling ya! NO SHIT! Whenever some of my followers is in need of medical attention we'll make sure they don't get blood transfusions. It's pretrty cool: you get this rush of pure POWER watching a 5 year ol' girl die on your command. Just like that [SNAP!].

    Here's my card with my new address: WashTower Bable and Trick Society of NY, INC.

    It's a $260,000 house bought with the money of my slave workers volunteers. Yeah, some asked a few questions but I just wrote the deed of the house to the name of Elvis Presley and I tol'em he's comming back to it. Cool huh?

    Whenever I'm cought with my pants down I just deny, deny and deny and throw some cash at my hord of lawyers to make it right. No , I don' "lie"; While malicious lying is definitely condemned in the Bible, this does not mean that a person is under obligation to divulge truthful information to people who are not entitled to it. 'Cause ... and I'm THE direct chanel to God...and I say so.

    See ya tomorrow for yer baptism, and don' forget to bring the cash for those 50 pounds of miracle wheat you want!

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