What is the WTS's motive?

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  • amac

    Gerard, thank you for the information, but I'm not sure of it's relevance. No one can deny that the WT brings in a good chunk of change. Yet you have not shown that this has anything to do with what a JW's motives are (particularly the GB.) They own a jet, big deal...

    Their destination, Tuntutuliak, Alaska is located 440 miles west of Anchorage with one well known activity : Salmon fishing.

    Think of them having fun with their luxurious airplanes next time you go out on the field or send them your money!

    Nice bit of speculation there. Are you saying that they flew up there to go Salmon fishing? How do you know that?

    None of this shows that the GB are profiting off this non-profit organization. I have no proof one way or the other, except for my personal experience of seeing how one of them lives, and it seemed no different than any of the other 3,000 other volunteers there.

  • Gerard

    I believe reading reputable and verifiable information has healing effects. My girlfriend wrote this, and I love her more and more every time she gains a new perpective of life and spirituality:

    Exposing dirty loundry about the organization to the outside world? never!!!

    when I got disfellowhipped I was an emocional wreck, but would have never told that to a non WT. When I did it (my listeners couldn't believe it), I felt incredibly guilty, because I was tarnishing "Jehovahs name". And that's the way it is. It is a pact of silence, and of loneliness.
  • Buster

    I think the motives inside the org vary with the levels. For instance, I think there are two major motvations at the congregation level: those that want to be told what is right and wrong, and those that want to do the telling. By the time you get to the top, I think motivations change. Ever go to a DC and hear a GB member speak? Remember feeling, or perhaps even stating, that you were getting information from as close to God as possible? These guys are treated as prophets and 'speakers with God.' That's pretty heady stuff.

    Now picture the alternative: a GB member finally decides that it is time for an honest look at the teachings. He can either shut the hell up, or he can look forward to scrounging his list of old friends for a room to stay in until he dies, all the while fending off DF'ing attacks from those left behind.

    One way or another, he'll rationalize a way to toe the corporate line.

  • Gerard
    Are you saying that they flew up there to go Salmon fishing? How do you know that?

    Tuntutuliak, Alaska


    "A federally recognized tribe is located in the community -- the Tuntutuliak Traditional Council. 98.9% of the population are Alaska Native or part Native. It is a traditional Yup'ik Eskimo village with a fishing and subsistence lifestyle. Salmon and seal are important food sources. Children are taught in Yup'ik until the third grade, and then classes are taught in English."

    I'm sorry. I gues there was this very hard-headed Eskimo JW who desperately needed loving direction from the director of the WT himself.

    Of course, the brothers took their private plane to Tuntutuliak on a shepherding call. How naive of me to doubt of God's instrument on Earth!!!

  • amac

    If you don't mind jumping to unsubstantiated conclusions, go right on ahead. The fact of the matter is, I don't know why they went there and you don't know why they went there, so no use in pretending we do. But I'm certainly not going to proclaim that the WT is using their donations to send the GB on fishing trips because I have nothing to back that up.

  • wednesday

    charleton Hesotn has a thing he says for the NRA,while holding up a rifle "from my cold dead hands..." i believe. A lot of elders and for sure the GB will hold on to that power, the same way heston hods on to his rifle.

  • nowisee

    gerard -- the information presented is chilling.

    i so relate to the feelings of your girlfriend. yes, even though you are out you don't want to "hurt anyone's conscience or faith" by being candid about your experiences and feelings. i know it took me about 25 years to generally admit to anyone in public that i was an exjw. when i read "the orwellian world of jehovah's witnesses" about 2 years ago, i finally felt that i could be open. then i wanted to so much connect with others who had been through some of the same experiences. one thing led to another and i finally found the internet in feb of this year and this forum in march.

    amac - just curious. did i understand you to say that you were a bethelite? or did you just visit bethel?

  • amac
    did i understand you to say that you were a bethelite?

    Yes I was. But just for 2 years.

  • IslandWoman

    In my opinion, it is a grave mistake to paint the individual leaders of the Watchtower with a broad brush.

    Too simplistic. There are many reasons why these people stay, some may have bad motives but the motives of others may not be too far from why Ray Franz and others stayed.

    That's life, and that's people. We are too varied to always be clumped together in one neat pile.


  • Gerard
    I think that most of them fully believe in what they do. They turn a blind eye to things that might normally trigger there thought processes. >>>amac
    But I'm certainly not going to proclaim that the WT is using their donations to send the GB on fishing trips because I have nothing to back that up. >>>amac

    You have seen the information on their trip to the fishing village in Alaska using their own private luxurious plane. What do you have yo sayabout the crude oil trading? Their shares on Rand Cam and Regi U.S.? Any opinion on their anual BILLION dollar revenue? Their investments in JP Morgan Liquid assets? Their mining operations and subsequent fines for polluting of nearby waters? But somehow your brain is not comunicating with your soul; Easier to turn a blind eye than to recognize that you've given your whole life to this cult? Just curious where you stand.

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