What is the WTS's motive?

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  • IslandWoman


    Your post was not directed at me, so I hope you don't mind my opinion on it. :)

    You wrote:

    Easier to turn a blind eye than to recognize that you've given your whole life to this cult? Just curious where you stand.

    "Truth" has many faces. I prefer to see things for myself rather than to "see" things through a cult or an anti-cult.

    Some xJWs fall into the very same trap they were caught in before, the "us verses them" trap. There is no "us verses them", only individuals fighting other individuals.


  • DanTheMan

    When watching men of power in action it must be always kept in mind that, whether they know it or not, their main purpose is the elimination or neutralization of the independent individual- the independent voter, consumer, worker, owner, thinker- and that every device they employ aims at turning men into a manipulable "animated instrument" which is Aristotle's definition of a slave.
    Eric Hoffer

    Sums it up pretty well, I think. The WTS characterizes this quote perfectly. I think the GB are a bunch of clueless, crusty old men. The real power is with the 40 & 50 something Bethel Heavies, CO's, the Society Men.

  • Gerard

    Islandwoman, I apreciate your wise comment.

  • Gerard

    Amac, you have made a very rich publisher even richer with your volunteered time:

    [ http://www.newsday.com/business/printedition/ny-cvtop52369349sep17.story?coll=ny%2Dbusiness%2Dprint ]

    "Our report for the year is different from a Wall Street company," said vice president George Couch. Indeed, the company's employees are volunteers who live and work in the Brooklyn complex.

    Key words by the WT's vice president: COMPANY, EMPLOYEES, VOLUNTEERS. He did not say "the holy organization" nor "its devoted members" nor "pioneers". He is referring to the Watchtower as the Governing Body percieves it: A COMPANY.

    And all companies must turn out profit. Take a look at this partnership:

    Watchtower Society orders seven LITHOMAN presslines from MAN Roland


    February 10, 2003 -- The international religious organization Jehovah's Witnesses has recently ordered seven LITHOMAN presslines from MAN, to be installed in its printing plants in England, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Japan (one press each) and the USA (two presses). Delivery of the order running in the middle of tens of million Euros are expected to take place from July 2003.

    Almost 80 years of cooperation between Watchtower and MAN Roland

    With the biggest single order of this customer to date, MAN Roland continues the series of international successes in its cooperation with the Watchtower Society over a period of nearly eighty years by now.

  • careful fader
    careful fader

    Thanks everyone for your warm welcome and for your numerous responses. You've definately given me some food for thought. It's interesting to see the widely varied opinions. Still not sure what to believe. I read much of the data and statistics around the financial trades and investments made by the WTS (thanks Gerard). . . however, I would expect any major corporation to wisely invest and grow their funds/assets...I don't quite make the connection to individuals benefitting from these funds. I found the link to the bethel pictures quite interesting (thanks Garybus). I must say, I never realized how many properties they have . . . or how luxurious they are!

    I think I have a better understanding of the power issue now . . .I would agree that having the kind of control they have over millions of people can be quite a head trip.

    Anyway, I'm still thinking about this, and reading the responses certainly helps. Thanks again!

  • run dont walk
    run dont walk

    Wow, great topic and awesome replys.

    I pretty much agree with everyone on the power issue.

    Remember most people especially elders, let alone higher up, have never had anything significant in life, a meaningless job, hum-drum life. Then all of a sudden they are in charge of something, maybe terriories, ministry schools, cleaning, schedules, Sunday talks, etc etc etc etc , then progress all the way up the ladder.

    They have always had to answer to somebody in life, now they are in charge, and loving every minute of it. Why would they leave.

    Come on, everyone of us can think back to our days at the Kingdom Hall, and remember complete LOSERS (squares)(who never had a life, their excitement on a Friday night was listening to Kingdom Melodies in Hi-Fi), getting a position.

    And as pointed out, majority of GB is over 70, maybe over 80, what do they have left ????, nowhere to go, most friends and acquaintances have died of. It's almost like winning the lottery, and I'm sure we will all understand it better when we hit are 70's or 80's.

    The other point as mentioned many times on other questions is, when you are in an organization for a long time and at the end of your life, you go through a stage, thinking (right or wrong) that "IT HAS TO BE TRUE" I have spent my whole life in it.

    There is not a Worse feeling in life then being HAD. Maybe you bought a car and it broke down the next week, bought a house and month later everything started to fall apart. Got ripped off by a telemarketer, Or fleeced out of 6 million by two elders in Montana. IS THERE A WORSE FEELING IN LIFE ????


    And the JW'S will go to their grave believing "IT HAS TO BE TRUE" then admit they were wrong !!!!!!

    But as long as this site (and others are around, to talk and expose the wrongdoing) maybe we can start making some people admit it, and save the remainder of their years left, to enjoying life and helping society before they die.

    Well done careful fader !!!!!!!!!!!! 10/10

  • willy_think

    Members bring there own motivations with tham but at its core,
    the fundamental underling motivation of the WT is the same as any entity, that is to live, to continue to exist.

  • amac
    You have seen the information on their trip to the fishing village in Alaska using their own private luxurious plane.

    Yes, I have and my reply is....big deal. If you learn of a trip that one of the GB make to Las Vegas, are you going to start posting how they OBVIOUSLY went there just to gamble and hire hookers? I mean that is primarily what Las Vegas offers.

    What do you have yo sayabout the crude oil trading? Their shares on Rand Cam and Regi U.S.? Any opinion on their anual BILLION dollar revenue? Their investments in JP Morgan Liquid assets? Their mining operations and subsequent fines for polluting of nearby waters? But somehow your brain is not comunicating with your soul;

    What do I have to say about it? I have to say that the WT reels in a buttload of money and they obviously have some shrewd financial guys with loose consciences that help them make that money. What does this have to do with how the GB members live? Again, I have seen how they live, so if you want to convince me otherwise, you will need to have a little more proof than the fact that the Non-profit organization brings in a lot of money.

    Easier to turn a blind eye than to recognize that you've given your whole life to this cult? Just curious where you stand.

    What does this have to do with jacks*&t? I know I've wasted plenty of my life in the WT org. I've also wasted plenty of my life on other stupid endeavors as well. I assume since you feel compelled to throw that in your post (despite it's irrelevance) that your life has been completely productive and only been a benefit to the rest of mankind. Speaking of which, why are you wasting your time on this list, you have never been a JW and don't seem to be planning on joining. You seem to already know everything about JW's, so why waste your time here? There's plenty of other religions to study as well. Feel free to move on at anytime.

  • Gerard

    I see. I hit a nerve...



  • Gerard

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