Watchtower = Pharisees

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    "I have to agree with the "guideline thing" . I really don't think anyone would get DF'd for going to an R rated movie, or for wearing a beard."

    Hi Integ,

    Sorry, but I have to disagree on the "guideline thing" :o) The word "guideline" is a sharp dagger hidden under a flannel wrapper, the same as any other "suggestion" by the WTS. Wording syuch as "A thinking Christian shouldn't....", or, "a MATURE Christian wouldn't..." SOUND as if they're easy-pedalled, but in WTS-talk mean "you had BETTER LISTEN UP, or suffer the consequences!"

    A person would probably not be DFed for going to an "R" rated movie, but you know darn well that his "spirituality" would be a "concern" for the Elders, and if anyone ELSE sees him coming out of the theater, he'd be immediately labeled as "weak".

    There IS no middle ground's the WTS way or it's adverse judgement from all onlookers. Unfair---but true.



  • Gopher
    my name was'nt even mentioned as someone anyone on the board would like to meet

    Hey there were hundreds of people left off, including myself. It was a silly thread and almost deliberately hurtful because it's just not possible to mention all of the good people on here.

    I've been here over 2 years and haven't cried out for attention. I just kept doing my best to be a good contributor, and hopefully people appreciate that.

    INTEG, c'mon you don't have to pout. That's going to put people off more so than a sympathetic expression toward the organization. If you stop your whining people may actually get to like you here.

  • drwtsn32

    Thanks for all the comments. I agree that, while most Witnesses will simply call the rules "guidelines", they really are in fact rules and most fellow JWs will really look down on you if you break a "guideline."

    I watched rated R movies as a Witness but I would never advertise it. Heck, some JWs would get offended if you watched PG13 movies.

    When someone is critical of JWs numerous rules, the JWs will say they are simply guidelines. But inside the org, they are perceived as rules.

  • outnfree
    Hell, my name was'nt even mentioned as someone anyone on the board would like to meet. That's fine, I just want to be a part of something.

    Hi, integ.

    I don't know if my name was mentioned or not. I don't read those threads exactly because I believe it makes for hurt feelings for those not mentioned. Also, I have met several of the posters here, spoken to others on the phone or via instant messaging and that's sufficient for me to fee "a part of something": this Board.

    I haven't gotten a "feel" for you yet, except that you're still easily bruised emotionally after spending some time in a sect which constantly tells people that they are not good enough.

    If you'd like to private message me, I'd be happy to chat/write or something.


    The Watchtower IS very Pharisaical. And I believe there may be more than one guy on this board who were persecuted by the elders for wearing beards. Annie is right when she says those suggestions are not really options. Watchtower literature is loaded with controlling language couched as the ONLY high road spiritually.


  • the mole
    the mole

    ***the mole*** I just wanted to comment and share with you that it is true they are rules. I have just stepped down my position as an MS. They try to say they are guildlines, but a cat is a cat no matter the color. I have witnessed severe punishments for those not wanting to follow these so called guildlines and even though you are not asked to stop these things out right, in many case you are labled as being spiritually weak and many began to avoid you until you conform. Being an individual goes against their internal doctrine. Much of it is not said publicly so not to bring fear to the new ones coming in but after you are baptised you'll find that everyone has a suggestion and not to follow it means you can't participate in many privlages they offer to those who comply blindly..good luck on finding the real truth.. you mom is slowly being forced to conform or be cast out... there will be a point where she is to make a decision to keep loving you or follow her brothers and sister of the faith...if she chooses you she basically will be shunned and in the extreme be df'd for a rebellious spirit, but if she chooses them she will have to let you go and in her mind she will tell her self he was part of satan world and he was sacrificed for Jehovah..this is what they are doing to her, so beware...***the mole***

  • wednesday


    I have been here since last september. I "know" only a few. Many still do not respond to my threads. Most likely b/c the subject does not interest them. I took offense at first, but i quickly learned not to be so da*ned thinnned skinned. It's a DB and , eventually u will find people u like. Just like in real life-some people are more outgoing than others. Also, some people have better writing skills, and can really express themselves. I really enjoy all of this. I'm happy to have a place i can go and talk more or less freely, and not be censored by the WTS.


    I had an elder tell me once-the suggestions made by the society are not really suggestions, and good jw knows they are laws and to violate them puts one in the "marked" staus.


  • nowisee

    well, remembering back, there were a lot of issues that were supposed to be "guidelines" or matters left up to individual conscience. but that was just words. the reality of it was that if you stepped out of those guidelines while following your conscience, there would be unleashed such a backlash of gossip, ill-will, and self-righteousnes by those following the guidelines, that you were quickly either brought back into conformity, or you would hide to not be seen doing whatever it was that was objectionable.

    really there was a lot of ugliness rather than Christian love and freedom.

    integ -- well i read your posts -- not just here but i have noticed you around. i'm pretty new too, and it just takes time for people to get to know you. don't give up -- keep posting!! everyone has something to add.

    best wishes, nowisee

  • DJ

    Imo, yes......wt = pharisees.

    They may not cut off your testicles, etc. but if you had a birthday for your child and continued to want to w/o repentance of such would be df'd and shunned. Guidelines....schmidlines.. Your mom is in denial.

  • Sunspot

    I actually had someone ( a JW) comment on these "guidelines" (their word) on another DB; Internet usage and Nightclubs were being discussed.

    When I mentioned the consequences of not conforming to "guidelines" (sounds SO soft, doesn't it?) then they'd be viewed as "spiritually weak".

    The post back to me was......"we're not judged VERY HARSHLY" on these matters!

    It took a great deal of self-control on my part not to blow up....but I did use a LOT OF CAPS in my reply!

    The fact that they are JUDGED AT ALL doesn't even SINK IN with these braindead JWs....sorry!

    Of course the old "conscience matter" was tossed at me, but WHOSE CONSCIENCE is being excersised...thiers or the "WTS rules & regs dept"?

    And they flutter their eyelashes and swoon about how WONDERFUL and CARING the WTS is.......



  • drwtsn32

    Exactly... they use the term "conscience matter" although you still will be judged by others in the cong. I always hated those "Questions from Readers" articles where the Society would basically lay down a rule but then say at the very end that it was a conscience matter. Whatever.

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