Watchtower = Pharisees

by drwtsn32 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • bebu

    That was a very funny post, Faraon. Casting out smurfs...


    I haven't seen you here yet. Hang in there. I'm not in any clique, but I do find that certain posters are more enjoyable to follow. There's certainly a lot of variety here, so you shouldn't get bored too fast... I actually enjoy reading newbie posts a lot! I will try to resopnd to more of them...

    BTW: Hi Nowisee! Nice to see your post. I was wondering where you went!


  • nowisee

    hi bebu - thanks for your note. i was away for several days as i will be again this week and again next week. you didn't get my pm telling you??

  • RighteousPrevail

    lots of people have lots of ideas some are of the many lies, and some are those of truth. But their is a difference between good and bad guidance you will take notice in it immediately. Quit following the direction people have set for you. How do you know what they speak is truth. No one can ever prove that, i can only suggest to follow your heart and continue believeing what it is you believe in, and dont let anyone or anything discourage you. Because when i look up at the sky the beautiful scenary, and what surrounds me was once a better place then what it is today. It wasnt meant to be like this. God does exist, because those doing good he rewards. You have a conscience use it. Lead with those who are doing great, in their awesome ways. Make everyone remember how you brought out the best in them and not the worst.

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