What JW habits do you still have?

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  • Moster

    I cannot commit to anything extracurricular - I cant commit to yoga, swimming, ball, curling or exercise classes or anything that takes away from my free time. Even when I have nothing to do. All those meetings per week and FS scarred me for life. Now my time is mine and i wont stand for anything or anyone telling me I have to do something (other than work).

  • ToesUp

    To this day, I have major trust issues.

    I had more trouble, as a teen, in the congregation. I had zero issues with kids in school. The congregation was a nightmare. It left me scarred for life. I have never really trusted too many people. It is a skill that I constantly have to work on. I am cautious when it comes to making new "friends." I can take them or leave them. I would rather spend time with my spouse and kids. Making friends is just not a necessity for me. Too much trouble and pain.

    Sad but true. I am actually very happy where I am today.

  • Moster

    HA HA Rub a Dub!!! I can just picture you now going down the door isle knocking on the doors and then praying no one answers. Your prayers are answered no one will come and open those doors! LOL LOL LOL

  • steve2

    I allow myself the occasional act of hypocrisy, a habit I learnt from following the example of JW organization.

  • RubaDub

    HA HA Rub a Dub!!! I can just picture you now going down the door isle knocking on the doors and then praying no one answers.

    Moster ...

    Yes, but when I am in Home Depot I knock on the doors very quietly. When no one answers, I move to the plumbing department and stand there for a half hour for a break.

    Rub a Dub

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Swearing. Playing golf with friends and I made a really bad shot, dagnabbit I yelled. I might say the sh--t word when I really get mad.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    I guess I just can't even think of bringing myself to playing with tarot cards, using Ouija board or other types of those things.

    Everything else, like swearing, going to nightclubs saying God bless, saying Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, totally nothing wrong with those things.

    You just realize that those things are every human-being tendencies and with a little critical thought, you discover there is nothing wrong with saying those things at all. Normal human traits which humans just say and do.

  • jookbeard

    like EverApostate I purposely do as many things that jw's hate as possible, I love to curse and swear and never leave an opportunity to do so, I also love to blaspheme, you cant beat a good old bit of blasphemy

  • Phizzy

    The only thing that is the same about me as when I was a JW, and it may be just me, not a " JW habit", is the ability to zone out, sometimes even fall asleep, when someone is droning on in a boring manner.

    Like young jookbeard above, I now have some habits, and do some things, JW's would thoroughly disapprove of.

    I love to smoke quality Cigars, I donate Blood, I Vote, I have many gay friends who are lovely people, and I swear and blaspheme with the best of 'em.

    I love FREEDOM !

  • smiddy3

    I think I have thrown them all on the scrap heap and discarded them all.

    Their is no God

    No devil

    No God`s people on earth ( J.W.`s )

    and no big "A" coming

    So what is their to fear ?

    The only thing I do agree with is the principle of Romans 13 : 1-7 but just leaving God out of the equation .

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