I am going back to the Kingdom Hall......

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  • ColdRedRain

    ...Just to watch my aunt get married. Had you fooled there, huh?

    A few people who I know on the board know my family IRL. For those that know them, yes, they're as nutty as ever. If not, let me explain them to you. They're super hardcore dubbies. Hardcore to the point that some of them aren't going to have children in "this system" to spare them "armageddon." I on the other hand, am a freak, if you haven't guessed by now.

    Every time I see them, they always are asking me stupid questions about my private life and my choice not to be a Witless anymore. They try to get into theological debates with me constantly. (Of course, I smoked them so badly, you'd swear they were in a bong.) They even laugh at the choice of my cloithing. (I dress up in gothic/bondage clothes.) Ironically, they wear stuff that's found in the 2.99 rack at Wal Mart.

    So I'm thinking I should make this wedding into my own personal circus. Any ideas? I already came up with the idea of going to the wedding carrying copies of the UN letter and dropping it in various places in the hall. I also came up with telling all the non-witness relatives the dark side of the cult, and why they may not see me at the reception hall.

  • Brummie

    Cold, appreciate that its their special day and dont spoil it. Let the JW thing rest even if only for one day. You can always turn up in the honymoon suite at a later date with the UN stuff...lol


  • ikhandi

    Brummie has a valid point. Its not cool to dilebrately stir up trouble at someones wedding. Its their day, let them enjoy it.

  • DIM

    Try not to be so negative...i can't see why you are making fun of their clothes, maybe that is all they can afford. The best revenge against Jehovah's Witnesses is to live your life and be content and happy. It drives them nuts. If you cause a scene, you are proving to them that you are wrong. Best Wishes.

  • Eyebrow2

    this is your aunt's day....try to remember that...go, have a good time, but show her respect.

    Remember this: If you do act out at the wedding, all the JWs are going to think..see what a person becomes when they leave?

    Don't give them justification for their belief that they are only the right religion.

    This is your chance to be the bigger person....rise to the occasion.

  • aluminutty


    Yep, I would heed the advice given to you by the other great posters on your thread. Causing a scene would only serve to spoil your aunt's (hopefully) beautiful day, and at the same time tarnish your reputation even more. Make the JWs in your family uncomfortable, though. Go to the wedding. Be kind, caring, loving, and of course, positive as a Zig Ziggler seminar. The only way that Bobsgirl and I have found some peace in our difficult JW relative situation is to be as up and positive about the religious silliness they spout as we can be. Refuse to discuss theology, like the plague. tell them, if you must, that you have made your choice, they have made theirs, and both of you won't know who is right until it's too late to do anything about it. This tactful rejoinder usually stops zealots in their tracks. Maybe consider buying Crisus of Consious as a wedding gift. If presents are going to be opened at the reception, or at the KH, however, you may want to give an IOU, and send the book when they return from their honeymoon. It would be a shame to see a book burning after the cake cutting.

  • Reborn2002

    Your a brave one. Under no circumstances could I set foot in a Kingdumb Hall and be in a large crowd of Dumb Dubs.

    It would induce nausea and vomiting immediately.

  • Ravyn

    hey COLD!

    I got an idea. Not too many JW weddings I have been too have a real nice guest book. Buy a Guest Book for the gift --one that allows for addresses with the explanation that it will be for sending out the Thank-you cards afterward.....then steal the book--temporarily. You now have all the addresses of all the attenders and you can send them copies of the UN letter. Then discreetly give the book back...'oh I found your book! it got kicked under the table and I didnt want it to get ruined....'


  • Gopher


    I knew you weren't serious!!

    I know your relatives all too well, so this doesn't surprise me:

    Every time I see them, they always are asking me stupid questions about my private life and my choice not to be a Witless anymore. They try to get into theological debates with me constantly.

    It must be hard to resist putting them in their place. There's a time and place for everything. It would be "over the top" to try to make a scene at the wedding or reception. You have to pick your battles.

    It's even doubtful your relatives would come after you with stupid questions/debates during that wedding day. They'll probably be too busy looking for something to drink refreshments or for people to gossip associate with.

    If they try stuff on you during the wedding, just say "this is SHxxxxxxx's special day, let's not get into that." That answer may impress the hell out of them, for they'll find that YOU are controlling when and where debates occur -- and they can't just bait you into it any old time!!

  • obiwan

    DOH!! (heart skips a beat as he reads the thread topic)

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