I am going back to the Kingdom Hall......

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  • TresHappy

    I find JW weddings extremely boring. No way to personalize it because "it's not in the outline."

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  • Dansk


    If you don't want to be a JW and don't agree with the teaching then why even go to a wedding in a KH?! I swear, even if my daughter invited me to her wedding in a KH I wouldn't attend. Why? Because I couldn't sit with a bunch of hypocrites and listen to any more of that vomit. I've vowed never to enter a KH again (unless it's to pull it down forever).

    Do I feel bitter? You betcha! And not just for myself. There are countless thousands of injured souls out there and any meeting in a KH, be it a public talk, wedding or funeral, is Watchtower. I utterly detest anything connected with it and I refuse to have my presence be used to boost numbers or elicit opinions I no longer wish to hear. If you are honestly against the teachings then don't be a hypocrite - because the wedding talk will be Watchtower-based vomit!


  • SkeptikSharon


    I completely understand wanting to make a scene. I am very very tempted to show up at a meeting at the KH wearing something that will show off my tattoos and piercings, perhaps wearing my Doc Marten boots as well. Just to shock everyone and give them something to gossip about for a little while.

    But unfortunately, it would kinda suck to do that at someone's wedding. I would do it at a normal meeting there, but not someone's wedding.

  • obiwan

    Dansk, I feel your pain, but the one thing I would go to one for is my fathers funeral. I know I haven't seen or talked to him in 13 years but I still love him and would want him to know that I do....damn the other people there if they can't get that through their thick skulls!

  • Gamaliel


    I just wanted to weigh in on the side of those who think you should let her have her wedding in peace. I'm supposed to be shunned by all JWs but I still see them in passing, and I always try to smile and have a nice word, even asking them about friends I haven't seen in a while, or --if I really want to push it -- even a "choice" comment from a recent Wt or their current Bible reading. We have never discouraged our kids from associating with JWs, and they end up in our house all the time. We continue to contact several of them ourselves for positive reasons, and several of them contact us. (We didn't ask to be shunned or dis-associated, my letter merely said that we did not currently wish to represent and promote the JW religion, for now, but that we were waiting on Jehovah. [still waiting now for over 20 years, lol.)

    It sounds like you can do a lot more good as long as they are continuing to ask about your beliefs. Once you give them an excuse they will more easily be able to downplay anything you say as vindictive or out of malice.


  • ColdRedRain

    I only saw the first 2 posts yesterday, and I considered your thoughts, which gave me some thoughts of my own.

    1. Whenever I'm around ANY family, just my existance there is a circus. There's no need for overkill.

    2. Many others have left the JW org only to have the freedom of the outside world and to rebel. They still believe what the WT has to say, and they usually come back. JW's have very little respect for those, and they laugh when they come back. They're still thinking that I'm one of those that left just to rebel and see the outside world, and not because the JW organization is corrupted and full of lies. Answering their questions and not showing a scene will be a good counter-ministry.

    3. If they ever attend my wedding, I wouldn't want them to be preaching to my guests.

    Goph, as for them getting refreshments..... They're notorious lightweights. It only takes fumes to get them tipsy.

    Thank you for your advice, everybody.

    If you want to talk about this with me more, you can IM me. PM me and I'll give you my MSN addy.

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