John 1:1 - A "Sacred Secret" Revealed

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  • AGuest

    May you all have peace!

    I had opportunity yesterday, to peruse the thread entitled, "John 1:1 - Good Information" and there were some very... ummmm... "intriguing" responses. Some were very close to what is true; others, pure speculation. But me, being me... I let it go. I had not "heard" anything that compelled me to discuss either side of the coin, and so I left it alone. That is, until early this morning. Yesterday, I kept hearing certain phrases... and this morning, my Lord gave me the following and directed me to share it with you.

    Now, in order to help those with ears to "hear" the truth of what he gave me, he has asked me to direct you to reevaluate the temple and covenant arrangements... WHY they were used. For the following is based on those two things. In truth, dear ones, here is the TRUE meaning of John 1:1, which the scribes mistransliterated because they did not get the SENSE of it:

    "In the beginning", which means... "In the Ark"... which means "In the womb of the Woman"... which means "IN THE SPIRIT REALM..."

    "The Word was,"... which means... "The One by whom God speaks was"... which means... "THE SON WAS..."

    "and the Word was with God,"... which means "and the Word was with/toward God,"... which means, "and the Word was with/toward the Most Divine, or Most Holy, or "Holy of Holies","... which means "and the Word was with/toward the Most Holy...or... the "Holy of Holies""

    "and the Word was God/agod,"... which means "and the Word was Divine,"... which means, "and the Word was Holy."

    To put it all together, it MEANS:

    "In the spirit realm, the One by whom the Holy of Holies (Most Holy) speaks was, and the One by whom the Holy of Holies (Most Holy) speaks was facing the Holy of Holies (Most Holy)... and the One by whom the Holy of Holies (Most Holy) speaks... was Holy."

    When I asked my Lord exactly what this meant, he explained:

    In the temple in the SPIRIT realm (for the one on earth was designed in the likeness of the one in the spirit realm), JAH does not "reside" in the Most Holy... JAH IS the "Holy of Holies"... or... MOST HOLY. (Revelation 21:22)

    In the temple on earth, FACING the Most Holy... for he NEVER turns his face AWAY... is the Holy. In the SPIRIT realm, my Lord, the SON of JAH... is the Holy.

    In the temple on earth, only the HIGH PRIEST of JAH could enter into the Most Holy. In the SPIRIT realm, only CHRIST, the High Priest of JAH, can "enter" into JAH, the Most Holy.

    In the temple on earth, all of the PRIESTS to JAH could enter into the Holy. In the SPIRIT realm, ALL "priests" of JAH" can "enter"... into Christ, the Holy, and by means of entering into HIM... can enter into the MOST Holy... JAH.

    To sum up the "sacred secret", then:

    In the spirit realm, the One whom speaks for God... the HOLY One of Israel... keeps his face toward God, the MOST Holy... never turning his gaze away... for like US... whose faces must always be toward HIM... HIS face... must always be toward JAH, the Most Holy! (Dear ones, it was the turning away of his face from the "Propitiatory" that caused one of the Angels of the Ark, Satan, to "fall". If indeed, my Lord is the "copper serpent" - the Chief "Agent" of Life" - upon which we must gaze intently, never looking away... so as to LIVE... how much more so must HIS face be toward the Most Holy One who granted it TO him... to give such life!)

    John 1:1 is a description... as well as an EXAMPLE: In the TEMPLE (first, the tabernacle and then at Jerusalem)... the Most Holy was the farthest place IN the compound. It was built like this:

    Farthest out: "Great" Court or "Courtyard of the Gentiles" (men and women)

    Next in: Courtyard of the Women (Israelite women)

    Next: Courtyard of Israel (the men)

    Next: Courtyard of Priests (from the Levites)

    Inside: Temple - The Holy (the Sons of Aaron)

    Furthest Inside: Temple - The MOST Holy or "Holy of Holies" (High Priest, from Aaron)

    The depiction of the temple on earth... ANTITYPES the "temple" in the spirit realm... were to show the "restrictions" placed on earthling man (Israel and the alien resident), WHILE in the physical realm. The SPIRITUAL temple, however, is different:

    By "entering" THROUGH the HOLY (Christ)... ANYONE can "enter" into the MOST HOLY (Jah). By accepting the sacrifice of the High Priest (Christ)... ANYONE can receive "atonement" from the "spirit" above the Ark of the Covenant in the MOST.

    Christ... is the "cover" or "propitiatory" for the ARK... of the covenant... the SPIRIT realm. HE guards what goes in... so one MUST "enter"... THROUGH him... in order to get IN the "Ark"... or spirit realm. If anyone climbs up some OTHER "way"... be it false teaching, false prophesying, spirit medium, psychic, etc., such one is a THIEF... and a plunderer!

    I, myself, SJ, have spoken it to you... just as I have heard it from my Lord, JAHESHUAH MISCHAJAH, the SON of the Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies. May all honor, glory and praise be given to THAT One... and to the FATHER, JAH. Praise JAH... all you people!

    A servant to the Household of God, Israel, and those who go with them... and a slave of His Christ... to time indefinite,


  • Lord Zagato
    Lord Zagato

    Hhmm...well, we're having a lively debate on what you jsut posted early on there...

  • AGuest
    we're having a lively debate on what you jsut posted early on there...

    Indeed. And judging by the looks of it, the only reason that such debate continues is that:

    1. You continue to put your trust "in earthling man" (Psalm 146:3)... and

    2. And in "the false stylus" of the secretaries (Jeremiah 8:8, 9)... and

    3. So that, tather than listening TO the Word (John 1:14; 3:17; Revelation 19:13)...

    4. Just as you were TOLD to listen to that One (Matthew 17:5; Hebrews 12:25)...

    5. By the One that is GREATER than he (John 14:28)...

    6. "Greater", so that He GAVE "all authority" to such One (Matthew 11:27; 28:18)...

    7. Which that One gave/gives to those who are his (John 17:2, 6; 20:22)...

    8. So, that, rather than hearing HIS voice (John 10:5, 27)...

    9. And learning truth from HIM by means of LEARNING from the SPIRIT... of the Truth... which Spirit... and Truth... he now IS (Matthew 11:29; John 14:6, 16, 17; 15:13-16; 2 Corinthians 3:14-18)...

    10. You would rather search the Scriptures... and the written musings of earthling man... than simply go to that One (John 5:39, 40).

    Thus, your debate... empty though it is... continues. So be it.

    And peace to you.

    A slave of Christ,


  • Lord Zagato
    Lord Zagato

    Forgive me AGuest, but if you looked at the thread, in general I agree with what you posted here and there...well, in general anyway...

  • AGuest
    in general I agree with what you posted here and there...

    Peace to you, Lord Zagato... and I must say that true, we are in agreement that the Word is my Lord, the SON of God, JAHESHUA MISCHAJAH... but it seems that that is where we part ways:

    It would be evident, if you would study the first verses as well as verse 14 that this is plainly not what John had in mind. He shows us the Word isn't just something that is of God's utterance, but that the Word was beside God all the time--a being, as it were, not something God created, but with Him, and yet also Him.

    The information that I shared with you at the beginning of this thread... which information I received, not from scribes or scholars or secretaries or theologians... but from that Word himself (John 10:27)... and which is entirely supported by what is "written", whether in scripture, gospel or epistle... lends serious disagreement to your unfounded statement in this case.

    The Trinity is a mystery...

    Ah, yes... of COURSE it is!

    and this acknowledges the fact that God is much farther from our understanding--or He is not God.

    Unfortunately, you are in error here... because in TRUTH... and by means OF the Truth (John 14:6)... God... is not "far off" from any one of us! In fact, all we need DO... is "grope" for Him... and through Christ... He WILL let Himself be "found." It is only to those who do not know the Christ... who "grope in darkness" because they have not come "into the Light"... who cannot get to know God.

    Job 12:25; John 1:5, 9-13; 3:19-21; 7:37, 38; 8:12; 6:56; 15:6; Acts 17:27; John 14:6

    The operation of the Trinity is beyond our reason--but that is no surprise, and indeed should not be a surprise for us, since God is beyond us.

    NOTHING... is "beyond" us, dear LZ... except the MIND of God. For by means of Christ, the SPIRIT of the TRUTH... whose mind we CAN know... we can know... "ALL things." Including the "truth" of a Trinity, if such a thing existed. It does not.

    John 14:6, 17, 26; 16:13; 1 Corinthians 15:45; 2 Corinthians 3:16-18; Romans 11:34; 1 Corinthians 2:16

    We know there is a Trinity.

    No... we KNOW... that "the false stylus" of those who wish to PROMOTE the false teaching that is the "Trinity" has mistransliterated the words at Matthew 28:19, which in TRUTH, were spoken as:

    "Go and makes disciples of people of ALL nations, baptizing them... in the name of the Father... INTO the Son... IN holy spirit!"

    Matthew 3:11; John 1:33; Acts 1:5; Jeremiah 8:8; John 15:4, 5

    We know there is one God in 3 Divine Persons, but how can that be?

    No, dear one... we KNOW... that there is ONE "Most Holy"... into which the SON can "enter"... and by means of the SON... and ONLY by means of him... all others can now "enter". The Son... the HEAD of the Christ... and those who belong to that One... the BODY... for a entity... in which GOD... the FATHER... will dwell. By means of this, God will become ALL things... to ALL. So that there will be not God in THREE divine persons... but the DIVINE... or MOST HOLY... in ALL!

    1 Corinthians 3:23; 15:28

    I think that is what you want to ask, and why you object. But that is no reason to object, since God will never be understood by our reasoning.

    You are absolutely correct: God will NEVER be understood... by OUR reasoning! Which is why the Trinity... is still a "mystery" - it is not TRUTH, thus, it cannot be known! If we want to know the truth, however, we must KNOW THE TRUTH... we must seek to know CHRIST... and HIS mind! And we do this first simply by asking HIM. For he is the Truth, and if we KNOW him, KNOW the Truth... we will be set free... from sin and death... and from the unprofitable reasoning of earthling man.

    John 8:32, 36

    In John 9:9, John wasn't attempting to show the blind man as God. This is more clear when one understands that Jesus' crime was blasphemy...

    First, my Lord committed no crime; the accusation was FALSE.

    If Jesus wasn't making a claim for Divinity, then why was he charged with blasphemy? This was consistent in all the Gospels.

    NOT for claiming to be God... but for claiming to be the SON of God... and the KING... of the Jews. THIS... was consistent in all the gospels.

    Matthew 26:64, 65; Mark 14:62-64; John 6:33-36; 19:21, 22; Matthew 27:11; John 18:37

    This struck the Jews as blasphemy, since His claim as being Son of God in an exclusive sense points Him to be co-eternal with the Father.

    Actually, dear LZ, you err in this assertion. The PROBLEM that the LEADERS of the Jews had, at that time, was NOT as you say: they KNEW that my Lord was the Son of God, Messiah, just as the demons knew. However, his PRESENCE... served to expose THEM... for the FALSE PROPHETS... and HYPOCRITICAL "SEED" that THEY were, those from THEIR father, the Devil. He was a PROBLEM for them... and so they TRUMPED UP a charge of blasphemy... IN ORDER TO CONVINCE THE PEOPLE! Why? The people... HAD SEEN HIS WORKS... and were in danger... OF FOLLOWING HIM! And the scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, false prophets and wicked priests... could not HAVE that! And so they used the ONE thing that they knew would turn the people away... a charge of blasphemy, for like the WTBTS... and it's deceitful and therefore wicked misuse of the word "apostasy"... NOTHING was considered worse to the Jews!

    (And please excuse the caps: they are for emphasis only - I am not raising my voice at all!)

    John 11:47, 48; 12:9, 10, 19... and so on and so on...

    The early Church Fathers would naturally have closer insight to this, especially the Apostolic Fathers who were taught by the Apostles themselves, such as St. Polycarp who was the student of the Apostle John. These men have, as the Council of Carthage and other early Councils noted, with them the teachings of Christ and His Apostles, handed down to them, that all might be in the right path.

    Well, I will not dispute that Polycarp was actually taught by John: I do not know and I have not heard. However, I DO know... and have heard this:

    Psalm 146:3; John 5:39, 40; Acts 20:30; 1 John 2:18-21, 24

    well, in general anyway...

    I am not sure that "in general" is accurate, dear LZ... in this case. But I do bid you the greatest of peace.

    A slave of Christ,


  • noko

    Those who stay on a sinking ship (this world) will sink with it (die). Those who find the life raft and uses it (Christ) will be pulled to safety (eternal life). AGuest, what is holy is pure and indeed our lord is the Copper Serpent which devours the other false serpents (Ex 7:12). Those who look and cling to what is pure will be stripped of what is unholy and washed clean (PS 51), (1John 1-10).

    Jesus was a son of man coming directly from King David inward parts, in short a direct son of David, (2 Sam 7:12). The one that will truely build the house or temple for Jah (2 Sam 7:13). It is also written ". . . for there is no one who does not sin. . ." (1Ki 8:46) and Nathan's prophecy to King David dealing with his Son, who will become our Christ, would be punish if and when he does wrong (sin), (2 Sam 7:14, PS 69). For truely our Christ came in the flesh (John 1:14) Aguest and was to become a son of Jah and Jah will become his father (2 Sam 7:14), (PS 2:7), in short our Christ had to be born again to become pure (Mark 1:9-11). Those who follow him will also be made clean since our Christ blood was made pure and cleanses us from all sin (1 John 1:7, 9 2:2).

    To test a doctrine, John gave some rather good insite at 1 John 4:2,3 "YOU gain the knowledge of the inspired expression from God by this: Every inspired expression that confesses Jesus Christ as having come in the flesh originates with God, 3 but every inspried expression that does not confess Jesus does not originate with God. . ." Remember God is spirit (John 4:24) and our Christ also said "...See my hands and my feet, that it is I myself; feel me and see, because a spirit does not have flesh and bones just as YOU behold that I have." Luke 24:39. Jesus came in the flesh, Jah is a spirit. Jesus is not Jah but is a Son Of Jah as in in all Son's they come after the father. The trinity doctrine is just plain jerberish is the bottom line.

    Your servant.

  • gumby
    I, myself, SJ, have spoken it to you... just as I have heard it from my Lord, JAHESHUAH MISCHAJAH, the SON of the Most Holy One of Israel, JAH of Armies. May all honor, glory and praise be given to THAT One... and to the FATHER, JAH. Praise JAH... all you people!

    Poor old Shelby,........drinkin that cheap rum and smokin peyote again so early in the morning.

    I think if your lord really had anything to do with who and what he is, he wouldn't have confused millions of people by having a book writtten that he has to explain through mediums like you.

    Sorry for being negative against you this time..........but this stuff just gets crazier the longer I am around it.


  • noko

    Gumby, it is probably better to get the truth from the master's lips vice using mediums. Man has seem to be able to invent, twist and botch up a number of things so asking the Holy Spirit to explain matters to you is the wiser choice to make. As the saying go "Ask and you shall receive".

  • Satanus

    I can't believe i actually stuck up for her for quite a while, when i came to this board. O well. I guess we all screw up sometimes.


  • noko
    I guess we all screw up sometimes.

    I agree with you. For thinking that she needed someone to stick up for her though. Her ally is the Holy Spirit, that is sufficient.

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