Have You Spoken To Anyone Here From This Forum ?

by RAYZORBLADE 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • ikhandi

    Nope just getting to know people here

  • Aztec

    Sure! I've spoken to and met a few people. I would recommend it to anyone as the people I've met and talked with on the phone have all been very sweet. It's also nice to attach a face or a voice with someone you've been chatting with. :) ~Aztec


    Since I began this thread, I have once again, had the great fortune of having been able to speak via the phone to a couple of JWD forum members.

    Once again, since Friday, May 16th, thanks to Sheila M, ThunderRider, Stinkypantz and Estee for taking several minutes from their busy lives to chat with me. I truly enjoyed ALL of our conversations.

    If you get an opportunity: do it.

    Spoken versus Written presents an entirely different and personal aspect of the forum poster.

    It actually makes for an enriched on-line relationship that can only get better with time.

    Thanks to all who have taken the time to speak with me. It made my day.

    Best wishes, Rayzorblade

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