Why do Anti-Jws refuse to answer questions- and ignore our answers?

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  • jhine

    Carla l totally agree with your comments .l am a Christian, Anglican , which l may have mentioned a few times :) . Now that l know more about JWs and l say something to my fellow believers they look at me like I've lost my marbles. They really can't wrap their heads around TTATT . They think that I'm exaggerating or just being nasty.

    They know that JWs have some different practices to mainstream religion but have difficulty realising that it's a cult .


  • truth_b_known

    Sometimes people get so invested in something the refuse to listen. I mean really listen. As in they set aside beliefs, preconceptions, biases, preferences, likes, dislikes, opinions, and the like. Instead they listen for the echo of their own thoughts in the other's words or just don't listen at all.

    The reason for this is fear. There is a lot of cognitive dissonance these days. If a person sacrificed every dream, wish, want, and desire to live a highly controlled life because the reward was going to be worth it I would imagine it would be difficult to come to terms with the fact that the reward was always just a creation of someone's egocentric imagination.

    The human Ego is a highly defensive construct. It will not allow damage to itself or its owner, even at the expense of the owner. Your Ego doesn't care about you. The worst part is that the Ego is a mental construct. That is to say, it does not exist.

    This is where the Sunk Cost Fallacy comes into play. That is why I rejoice when I see people in their 50s, 60, and 70s who wake up to realize the Watchtower sells fantasy. The price of that fantasy is extremely high.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Doubting Thomas:

    1) What are the things that you do not believe from the Governing Body and how does this impact that group's ability to please God?
    I answered you! Their opinion about some of God's prophecies, and some of their policies.

    Which prophecies? Which policies? how does this impact their ability to please God?

    2) Please provide examples of when they have admitted their mistakes/sins.

    I answered you! Only in the 'Revelation" book.

    Where in the revelation book? Did they express regret? remorse? acknowledgement that their actions/miss-understandings were short-comings and not simply: We didn't know until God gave us further light? (essentially blaming God)

    3) If they are simply your fellow brothers, they should be judged as such. Is it Christian for someone to outcast people and have their friends and family shun them for disagreement on even small things?

    I answered you! I agree.

    I understand you have a great deal in common with the Jehovah's Witnesses. However, if the leaders of the group do not behave like christians, your very presence is a support to their action. Don't you believe this could have an impact on your own personal worship with god?

  • Vidiot
    Doubting Thomas -Their opinion about some of God's prophecies, and some of their policies.”


    According to the confidential elders’ manual “Shepherding the Flock of God”, you’re an apostate.

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    I think Doubting Thomas has left the site.

    Guess he could not handle the truth about the truth.

  • FedUpJW

    It would be pointless from here on to reply to any of your posts.

    Best reply yet, IMHO.

  • DesirousOfChange

    At one time jw's used to be able to have actual discussions with people, sadly they know so little about jw doctrine, the Bible and history they don't know what to believe until their Lords in NY tell them what to believe. ~ Carla

    In years past, JW's may not have really studied the Bible, but at least they studied their doctrine in their literature and could make a good effort to defend it.

    JW's today do know know JW doctrine. How could they possibly defend it (even if it was defensible).

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    1. This new breed of JW's can't explain anything. And when asked a question they direct to their one sided website or pack up and run for the hills.
  • Scully

    Holy COW is DT *still* here?

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