Jehovah protects his people. Did he ever protect you?

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  • Lieu

    Yes, but I'm not certain who it was. God, Christ, an angel .... but I should be DEAD from several ambushes. When by myself, something told me, don't just run around the corner after that suspect ... some body was looking out for me. I should be dead. And I know it.

    I did the dumbest stuff as a rookie police officer. I mean deadly DUMB that scared my supervisors and senior Officers.

    That's all I have to say.

  • Dunedain

    Hey Time Bandit, I remember being told a story from my own Father. It was concerning an older, German brother, in my Fathers old congregation in NYC.

    This brother had a very heavy German accent, and was kind of "old school" in his tough demeanor, and NO nonsense, kind of way.

    Well, him and an older sister were working out in service, and when they approached the door, a very large German shepherd was standing on top of the stairs before the door.

    The dog was snarling, and barking, and appearing to be vicious. The older sister was terrified. The older German bro, however, said something in German to the dog, and kept repeating, "Do not worry sister, Jehovah will protect us".

    The brother walked up the stairs, towards the vicious dog, pulled out a pair of gloves, and proceeded to WHACK the dog square on the snout, with the gloves.

    The dog, stopped barking, yelped out a cry, and ran right off away down the stairs. The brother looked at the sister and said, "see, I told you Jehovah would protect us". Then, I assume they knocked on the door, and the householder probably told them to go away, anyway, lol.

    The point is, it wasn't Jehovah who "saved" them, it was this hard assed German brother, who whacked the dog on the nose. Yes, HE had the "strength" to do it, HE had NO FEAR, HE had FAITH, you could say, but it was still HIM.

    Another interesting thing, too, is that I have heard other variations of this story, and do indeed believe it to be a JW "urban legend" of sorts. I give credence, to this story, specifically, because my own Father told it to me, and actually KNEW the brother. There ARE many JW "legends", however, and they are "used" as faith strengthening anecdotes, and probably either encouraged or even started by the GB.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I was bitten by dogs twice whilst in the lord's work.

    That pales into insignificance when compared to family tragedies involving early deaths some due to the refusal of blood. There was no Jehovah - ever. I would give more details but I would probably suffer Jehovah's retribution.

    Of course he is supposed to know who I am but i would rather his faithful elder goons did not.

  • punkofnice

    If Jehovah(tm) protects his people(tm), why did he miss the Lillelids?

  • TimeBandit

    Great stories and replies. I've enjoyed reading about your own thoughts and experiences. It helps me feel some sort of connection. I've felt so disconnected from people. This forum is really my only outlet to try and do that. I've often thought that most exjws are closer to the picture of love and brotherhood than anything I encountered in a KH....Thanks for that.


  • BlackWolf

    A few years ago my family and I were driving to a convention when I started having extreme stomach pains and became violently ill. When I went to the hospital they rushed me into surgery and it turns out I had a twisted fallopian tube (pretty weird I know). I was only 12 then and I was thoroughly convinced that this was Jehovah punishing me for not wanting to go the convention. I was paranoid for months afterward, I was afraid of not being good enough for God to protect me and him letting me get sick and die at any moment. I now realize how insane it was to think that. It was the doctors who saved my life, not Jehovah's mercy.

  • LisaRose

    People believe silly JW urban legends about angelic protection, even though the Watchtower doesn't officially teach that Jehovah protects his people, and even though every other religion has the same exact stories, but when something bad happens to a JW, even one in service or attending a convention, they don't let it affect them. You really can't have it both ways.

    It's all just random chance, God has nothing to do with it, but you couldn't say that to a JW.

  • mikeypants

    I started studying a few years back after leaving the dubs and family in the late 90s.

    I wasnt aware of all the changes before "studying".

    Anyway, my mom told me that Satan would be testing me during this time by having multiple women vieing to get down my pants. Well, I studied for as long as I could hold out but the woman thingy never did come to fruition.

    Not an urban legend I know but I just wanted to vent. Damn it.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Total fantasy... like everything to do with JWs and their org-------------------- Big J can do nothing, he never does anything, never has done anything, least of all protect people from harm.

    Jehovah is a completely childish superstition.

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