Jehovah protects his people. Did he ever protect you?

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  • JRK

    Jehovah is a feckless and pusillanimous excuse of a god.

    I would rather pray to Joe Pesci!


  • aboveusonlysky

    Well said, I also hate the idea that when Jah protects it's all about him and his name, like with the Israelites at the red sea or the three Hebrews saved from the fire. So basically he'll only protect if he gets all the credit and looks brilliant!

    So pioneers get petrol money cos they credit all the praise to Jah but child abuse victims are too insignificant to recieve divine protection????

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    As far as I've been able to tell, Jehovah operates at about the same level as chance.

    I am unable to reject the Null Hypothesis.

  • TimeBandit

    Did any of you ever hear the urban legend I spoke of in the OP? Just curious. Hearing supposed accounts like that one is what used to make me believe he'd intervene and help me like that.


  • azor

    Not when my wife was hit as a teenager by a drunk driver going 60 to 65 mph. Her body not her car that left her permanently disabled. Or when she ended up in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit when our son was a year old to be told she has a chronic condition called perarcarditis (inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart) that gets worse with age. Or when my beautiful 5 year old boy was diagnosed with leukemia. I can go on but why.


    Jehovah protects his people. Did he ever protect you?

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  • cha ching
    cha ching

    I was"out in service", auxiliary pioneering, boots on, surrounded by little yippy growling dogs, I kept turning in circles while my husband spoke... "it's ok dear, just stand still..."

    Chomp! Right thru my boot!

    Best thing about that day? I got to go home!

  • aubergine

    I've heard countless urban legends since childhood. Not exactly like yours. Here is a good one. Abbreviated.

    A very old sister was working all by herself in the ministry. She was in a very dangerous part of NYC. Because she came out of the apartment building unharmed it was claimed that two muscular angels had materialized inside the building and protected her. Then they disappeared back into heaven.

    I was a little kid when I heard that one.

  • David Drozdowski
    David Drozdowski

    I'm 30 and was a JW for the first roughly 12 years of my life, when I was allowed to choose and stopped going. Not very JW to let me choose at that age, but a lot had been wrecked in our family by the organisation and although my parents and several siblings have held on to this day, they eased up on the force component in the years leading up to be adolescence. That's just an intro. Do I still believe that God is Yahweh? Yes, just without the obsession with the pronunciation of one of his names. So have I been protected by God? Well, as it has been pointed out, that is subjective, so subjectively, yes. When I was 9 and shit started hitting the fan in our family life, aided and abetted by the congregation, we moved from Southeast England to the North of England, and I had (temporarily) lost two siblings and everything I was familiar with. I was depressed from roughly 9-12 years of age, and although I didn't attempt, I was suicidal. Somebody else can call this will power if they want to, but the only things that stopped me from trying suicide at such a young age were believing God loved me, didn't mess my family up, and had a plan, believing my parents loved me, and believing I wouldn't be tempted or tested beyond what I could bear. So maybe it was belief that saved me from suicide, belief that I ascribe to God. I can't trust that I had the strength within myself, honestly, because I knew what I felt like.

    More explicitly and recently, my mother, still a JW, has had chest pain from angina and stress go away multiple times when she has prayed. Not a coincidence, given that she knows how long her bouts would usually last, and I'm talking about instantly when she has been thinking about Jesus healing people before he taught them and how Jehovah doesn't show partiality, so why could she be healed?

    No giant myths or urban legends, no sensationalism, just stuff I know that I attribute to God, thus opening myself up to criticism from people who have not experienced that and don't believe it was God.

  • karter

    We had a guy shot through the leg while out in F.S by a d ranged guy ...seems J didn't take the bullet for him.

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