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  • no-zombie

    I know that this is slightly off topic but ...

    Any real Bible student must acknowledge that Christianity spread primarily during the first and second centuries though, what we would call 'incidental or informal witnessing' to friends and family. However seeing that all the ones coming into the Organization are counseled to abandon all their worldly associates as quickly as possible, trying to reconnect with them only to preach is only seen for what it really is. Thus the Governing Body, in their attempt to develop the 'us and them' mentality, has only precluded the only genuine form of proselytizing ... leaving instead, the formalistic (and hated by most) activity we see in congregations today.

    Thus, though the deliberate decisions of the Governing Body, any hope of numerical growth will continue to diminish because they can not grasp the simple fact that people these days are more and more informed and savvy to ways of mass marketing corporations, and that people have now simply re-valued their own privacy.

    People will always welcome friends to their doorstep anytime ... but not salesmen with a cookie cutter message, which is something that those in Warwick don't want to understand.

  • minimus

    So if someone might be interested in the good news message it is the responsibility of the householder to contact the Witnesses.

  • sir82

    So if someone might be interested in the good news message it is the responsibility of the householder to contact

    the Witnesses.

    That's exactly it.

    Yeah, that's not going to work too well.....

  • blondie

    I see some sense to that, the WTS teaches not everyone has to have a personal witness for god to bring Armageddon. The WTS makes it the individual's responsibility.

  • minimus

    This MUST mean the preaching work is winding down and the End is seconds away.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen


    Watchtower would love to have zero liability, and with regards to GDPR they tried to establish that in court.

    Unfortunately for them EU already ruled that even data collected on handwritten notes by unpaid volunteers is within scope of Watchtower's responsibility and liability, because Watchtower organizes that work, and the data is collected to further Watchtower's agenda.

    The only thing that could get Watchtower off the hook if (when?) an individual publishers is caught illegally collecting or leaking data is Watchtower's effort to make sure no data is collected.

    Of course individual publishers are also liable under GDPR.


    I remember all the pioneers and elders who pioneered keeping excellent records of the door to door work. Some had notebooks full of information about every territory. They took record keeping very seriously.

    Its sad for them, because keeping excellent records was a big part of the feeling of doing something.. What’s left?? Wasting time, wasting gas money, standing in silence at the stupid carts?



    Very good points about following the money. The CORPORATION has already made it clear to all that the ministry is PERSONAL..

    Dubs are on their own and assume all liability. Even the parents are blamed for not protecting their children from abusers who take advantage of the WTBTS’s two witness rule. The WTBTS Elders at the ARC made it clear they they only offer spiritual protection. What a Goddamn joke.


    DD 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Spiral

    Data-Dog, I so agree.

    When will they wake up????

    Some, never.


  • Diogenesister
    Pale.emporer this must be "the truth™" because Satan is turning on our ministry."

    I was expecting that.

    Well...what’s Jehovah gonna do about it? After all, isn’t it the most important thing ever...that his name be sanctified the world over? I guess it must mean he’s going to stop these puny governments. Isn’t he??

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