Reaction to GDPR / field service letter

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  • jp1692

    SBF: I can think of a way they could turn this around to their advantage: Watchtower could lay a heavy stress on JWs trying to convert family, friends and acquaintances. . . . If this was part of a deliberate strategy . . . they could . . . designate the first Sunday of the month “bring a friend” day.

    Except, that won't work because:

    Of course JWs face the problem that they are not supposed to keep close friendships outside the religion,


    Self-induced wounds are always a peculiar kind of painful.

  • Corney

    I know there are at least two another threads on this issue on jwtalk but they are members-only. Is anybody registered there and can access them?

  • LongHairGal


    I still agree with our earlier posts that think this GDPR thing is going to cripple the door-to-door ministry.

    Some people may have optimistic ideas but I think the rank & file Witnesses are too tired or demoralized to make anything work. What’s sad is all the JWs who gave up everything to be in full time ministry. Seeing this happening now makes me all the more GLAD that I did not do this back in the day when there were strident cries of ‘if you’re not a pioneer or have a full time job you aren’t spiritual and not gonna make it’.

    This new thing will make some JWs approaching retirement years and worried about money wonder what is going on! Is their reason for existence is being “thrown under the bus”? Seems like it...Of course, there are those who will still endeavor to go in the ministry or pioneer but I suspect they will become fewer.

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