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  • sir82

    Here is a thread on the new letter to be read to all congregations in all branches on adjustments in door to door work due to the GDPR:

    I a foreign language congregation in Europe. I prefer to say no more for privacy's sake.

    The letter cited above was read to the congregation last night.

    The reaction? Everyone was utterly gob-smacked.

    Everyone was talking about it after the meeting. "How are we supposed to work our territory? How can we keep track of our return visits?" Even old-timers who blindly and cheerfully swallow all of the WTS schtick were confused.

    Elders were just as gob-smacked. There was some sort of "emergency huddle" in the elders room prior to the meeting, which broke up only seconds before the meeting start time.

    The elder who read the letter at the end of the meeting instructed the congregation that all existing territory maps should be destroyed immediately. If you have a territory checked out, destroy it and let the territory servant know, and he will provide a new map. Maybe that's what the elders were discussing beforehand?

    The territories to be destroyed are the ones that have lists of addresses and an indicator that the residents speak [XYZ language]. The new maps, presumably, will contain street names & boundaries only.

    This is a huge, huge change. Virtually the only growth in Europe for the past 20-25 years has come from foreign language groups & congregations, targeting immigrants.

    The GDPR has knee-capped the efforts of every last one of those congregations.

    Within 3 years you're going to see -2, -3, -4% publisher "growth" all across Europe....if the WTS still publishes the numbers, that is.

    Oh, and there are apparently a number of US states that will implement a GDPR-like law as soon as 2020. I remember California (which holds something like 1/6 of the US population) is one of those states. So the work in the US will soon experience a similar crippling effect.

    The door to door work is on life support.

  • Listener

    This has got to make dedicated JWs puzzled and confused.

    When it comes to the preaching work, the organization has encouraged JWs to break laws on numerous occasions and some are recorded in the Yearly Textbooks. For example, banned literature is hidden and even brazenly imported into Countries where it is banned.

    It wouldn't surprise me if the organization said that this is a sign that the ministry work is slowly coming to an end.

    It's interesting to see that the latest Watchtower tells JWs to witness to their relatives even if they are negative towards them.

  • sir82

    This has got to make dedicated JWs puzzled and confused.

    When it comes to the preaching work, the organization has encouraged JWs to break laws on numerous

    occasions and some are recorded in the Yearly Textbooks. For example, banned literature is hidden and even

    brazenly imported into Countries where it is banned.

    Not confusing at all, if you remember this one simple rule: Follow the money.

    JWs smuggling literature into XYZ country? No problem. 100% of the risk falls on the individual JW. If he's caught, he's the one who goes to prison or is executed. The WTS has a nice martyr story to publish in their "literature".

    JWs breaking the GDPR? There is corporate responsibility. The WTS would be subject to fines.

    Good god! Holy Jehovah! The WTS pay out money???? For god's sake no! Change the preaching work immediately so we won't have to pay! Who the fruit cares if it makes the work completely untenable? We gotta protect our money!!! !!! !!!

  • smiddy3

    Rank and file Jehovah`s Witnesses are no more than volunteers ,unpaid volunteers at that and if there is any problem that a volunteer experiences in the door to door ministry or anywhere else / the onus is on him or her to address the problem financial or otherwise,it is not the responsibility of the WTB&TS .

    They are not employees of the Jehovah`s Witness Organization / WTB&TS / or any of its corporations .

    They have no liability or damages charged to them for those who volunteer their services to them.

  • sir82

    There is certainly liability if the WTS has provided direction, in countless Kingdom Ministries, CLM workbooks, "Organized" book, etc. on how crucially essential it is to take good notes when working a territory.

    Write down all your not-at-homes....did you find someone who responded positively? Write down his name, his address, names of his wife & kids, name of his dog, what religion he belongs to....write down "clues" about what's in / around his house - religious statues, pictures of saints, etc. What topics did you discuss? What does he believe? When's a good time to catch him at home?

    Anyone who sues for GDPR damages is going to have an attorney who in short order will realize that Joe Window-washer (A) has about $14 in net assets and (B) got his instructions from a multi-billion dollar American corporation on exactly how detailed his notes should be.

  • zeb

    Verily i see lawyers at work..

    for years the wt thought and taught it was above the law; it finding out it is not.

  • blondie

    I this a wow emoji

  • pale.emperor

    Just told my never-baptized brother about this. He told me that his (our) uberJW mother is taking it as a sign that "...this must be "the truth™" because Satan is turning on our ministry."

    Just to clarify:

    When good things happen - it's proof we have "the truth™"

    When bad things happen - it's proof we have "the truth™"

  • Phizzy

    I can see the older ones getting in a flap about this, but younger ones can get round this if they really want to bother, which most of them do not.

    I only started taking detailed notes when I was told to, told how beneficial it was, when I was a Pioneer, I had simply relied on my memory before, which was excellent, but the notes did help me recall more than maybe I would have.

    When I became a publisher again I tried never to do R.V's, but still had notes on some people just in case we had a Group arrangement where everybody was expected to go on R.V's. I knew some good ones where you would get a cup of tea, (one alcoholic guy offered whisky, but I primly refused), and not have to talk religion ! That is why I always tried to work alone.

    Today, if I was a J.W, I would just snap a picture of the house and rely on my memory, ( still good !) if I was going to be a naughty J.W and make any record at all that is. You could easily make up a reason for the Pic. if challenged.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree that door-to-door work is on ‘life support’ and this law will kill it. It will be difficult for JWs to have an organized ministry and make return visits without some sort of record keeping.

    I have a feeling that certain JWs will defiantly keep some sort of record anyway, but it will be private.. I remember back in the day when they said to respect no trespassing type signs and STILL some idiot JWs attempted to call at these homes!

    This whole thing is a death knell for the ministry and I’m sure that it’s probably about avoiding fines and paying $ as far as the religion is concerned. Which just goes to show that they are not interested in a ‘warning work’ or ‘making converts’. If it was really a ‘warning work’ why not use the media?

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