Mouthy has Passed Away

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  • slimboyfat

    Sad we won't see Mouthy around any more.

  • bohm
    Very sad to hear this. She was the boards grandmother, I remember her "sending people to their rooms" when they did not behave. What a character. When she stopped posting frequently I was afraid she was alone, I am happy she had her family around near the end. RIP Mouthy.
  • HB

    Mouthy never knew, but she was responsible for introducing me to a poster who has since become my best friend, and meeting him in turn led to saving another young friend from becoming baptised as a JW.

    Mouthy posted on a thread 9 years ago that although she was now living in Canada, she was nostalgic for her British roots. She had lived on the London/Essex border and had once been in hospital in Hornchurch which is where I was born and grew up. So I got in touch to say hello.

    The poster Mr Majestic also commented to Mouthy on the thread about the Essex accent and I replied to that. Which led to an exchange of personal messages about accents ..... and the rest as they say, is history.

    Mr Majestic asked why I, as a non JW, was on the forum and I explained about my young friend who was getting sucked into the cult. He kindly tutored me in the ways of JWs and what to say and he was directly instrumental in getting my friend away from the cult just a couple of weeks before she was baptised, to the huge relief of her worried parents.

    If Mouthy hadn't posted, I would not have met Mr Majestic and would have soon stopped posting on JWD and it's almost certain that this young friend (who later posted as Blooming Marvellous) would now be a miserable and depressed JW.

    Blooming Marvellous missed her 21st birthday and her parents' joint 50th birthday party while studying with the JWs but she is now completely out of the cult and married to a non JW with an 11 month old baby called Thomas.

    Strange to know that in a slightly circuitous way, if it were not for Mouthy, baby Thomas would not be here!

    An added bonus is that Mr Majestic is an amazing person and has become a close family friend.

    So Mouthy unknowingly touched more peoples lives than she ever knew, and like others, I will remember her with great affection and grateful thanks.

  • Vidiot

    Did not see this coming.

  • Vidiot

    HB - "...if it were not for Mouthy, baby Thomas would not be here..."

    Now that's a legacy.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I enjoyed Grace's (Mouthy's) posts so much. With black letters typed across a white computer screen, she was able to convey who she was with warmth, humor and a bit of sass thrown in for good measure. She reminded me of my old British and Irish aunties who were of a generation where character, grit, empathy and humor, pulled them through some really tough times. She was from an age where such things as the internet weren't even thought of, yet she was able to learn and adapt herself to a new era so as to share her wisdom and companionship across cyberspace with others who benefited greatly from it.

    Grace was a fitting name for her and if there is a God who is gracious and who has good things in store for mankind in the future or once leave this world, there's no reason our Grace won't be right there in the middle of it all.

  • mrquik

    Sorry to lose a member of our family. Rest in peace Mouthy.

  • tornapart

    Oh! That's so sad! She was such a wonderful lady, everyone on here loved her. Thanks for letting us all know Simon.

  • jwleaks

    Peace be your reward Grace "mouthy" Gough.

  • scratchme1010

    My condolences to her loved ones.

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