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  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    I have a beard. I spend a month on vacation with no worry from the congregation overseas of course. I grew a full beard now and with glasses I finally have posted my picture on facebook og me... next to half life 2 cover showing I look like Gordan Freeman lol

    But I dont plan to shave anytime soon.

    1. Everyone EVEN WITNESSES liked my beard...on FB

    2. F**k them

    3. They claim the mythical Jesus had a beard so... why not me.

    4. The condemation agaisnt beards are from 1968 and I suspect fictional conversation...

    5. I want to see the poor moronic elders faces when I walk into the hall with a beard.

    Now as a scientific person I feel a beard is n evolutionary leftover but since historically it has served men for milleniia I like it...

    The WT has no offical argument aginst beards and elders in Europe have them

  • nimrath
    They're waiting for you Gordon, in the test chamber.
  • Dunedain
    Do elders in Europe have beards? Thats interesting, i didnt know this.
  • Dunedain
    BTW, i LOVE my beard/go-tee. I have been rocking it since leaving the cult, and that was over 20 years ago. Interestingly, enough, i left the cult in my early 20's, so i did not even know if i could grow a beard, until i left for good, lol. Fortunately for me, i can, and i have been growing it since, not continuously of course.
  • Xanthippe
    I like a man with a full beard, it's very masculine. To think they can dictate to men whether they shave or not, and people say it's not a cult!
  • crazy_flickering_light

    I only know elders with moustache, maybe in bavaria they full bearded. If you a bearded MS no problems in our cong. 2 MS with 3-day-beard, one really full bearded.

    So, don't worry about. And if they wan't to make trouble, use your option "2" ;)
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    When I grew my beard a few years ago, on of the elders politely talked to me about it. Basically to probe if my beard was a statement of indepence. A one man riot :-) And if I had considered that some dubs might stumble because of my beard (as if it was thát long lol :-D)

    So I told him (truthfully) that I just liked having a beard, no statement intended. I saw no biblical reason to not have a beard, and that if it would come to my attention that someone would stumble, I'd be willing to shave for the sake of the stumbler (pff the things you say when you're still in )

    Problem solved. Kept my 'privileges' like reading the WT.


  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    ...problem solved.

    Kept my privileges like reading WT.

    Btw haven't seen any elder with beard here. And definitely no bearded brothers with parts on larger meetings.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    The ongoing beard controversy seems one of the most cultish issues ever to me. Thousands of hours have been spent discussing it among dubbs, nobody sees a good reason for it and yet the disapproval still prevails.

    It is true that some 'appointed men' (don't you love that grandiose description) do have beards in Europe, but never full blown hipster or bushy wild an ones. They tend to sport something akin to designer stubble, I have never seen a full blown statement beard. The only people who have grown a proper meaty beard are making the statement that they are on their way out.

    Those that do grow a small neat beard are still viewed as slightly rebellious, they will not be 'used' on assemblies, so beards are still discriminated against.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Don't know where I read it, but apparently forcing compliance on non-issues like this actually enforce the whole obey the cult, cult membership is more important than individual expression/needs/preferences.

    Obey in small non important issues, and you will also obey when your life is at stakes.

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