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  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Don't know where I read it, but apparently forcing compliance on non-issues like this (and skirts, ties, jeans) actually enforce the whole obey the cult, cult membership is more important than individual expression/needs/preferences.

    Obey in small non important issues, and you will also obey when your life is at stakes.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Btw this is also one of the topics that show how JW cult teachings work.

    There is no JW literature that states that beards are no good, let alone explain why.

    However, all pictures always place beards with Satans followers.

    School book states something about the need that brothers with a moustache should keep it neat....but no word on beards.

    So 'beards are bad' is only implied, never stated in writing as that is an untenable position. But still every dub understands and complies.

    And this is how they work...imply something but do not explicitely state it. Then you are never wrong, can deny everything, place the blame on those who 'misunderstood', and you can't be sued. 1975 anyone?

  • Nicholaus Kopernicus
    Nicholaus Kopernicus

    This is taken from the 1942 text called "The New World". So the WT's antipathy towards beards is/has been quite extreme. I have met a Bro from Scandinavia with a beard. He hasn't encounteted problems. Very problematic in UK and USA however.

    That Jesus is not only depicted here as clean shaven but also caucasian and blond, and with the marching body language of a GI Joe is gross. Then again, all these years later, the WT Society excells in being gross/eggregious/arrogant/hierarchical.... and so on.....

  • crazy_flickering_light

    The MS in our cong wears something like:

    He make the opening in the cong on Sunday, give the usual talks and so on. So it's possible to be bearded, you only have to try it. ;)

  • Truthexplorer
    More power to you HTBWC. The beard thing stems from judge Rutherford's dislike of beards. He is the root cause of why this ridiculous rule has permeated through the witnesses world wide. I suggest we have a call to arms by rebelling en masse. To all you brothers out there, let's demolish this rule in 2016 and grow our beards!!!!
  • freddo

    In the surrounding congs (let's go with the twenty or so in our circuit in the UK) let's assume that there are 180 or so elders and about 120 servants.

    Circuit level: CO's still enforce "no beards on the assembly platform" made up rule.

    Cong. Level: I can think of three/four elders with full beards and another three/four with goatees. I know some congs do not let elders with beards/goatees give public talks or go on the platform. I believe about half a dozen or more min servs have goatees or beards.

    So out of an "appointed man" body of say 300 around 15+ have something beyond a moustache. 5%?

    We have had visiting elders give public talks with a beard at our hall from time to time.

    Out of 20 congs I think a handful have a prevailing view that a neat beard is ok on the platform. Some forbid it and a couple really get on the case about it even for background things like running microphones.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Crazy flickering light & Freddo:

    Are you both from Europe?

    Anybody from US tried a beard and kept privileges?

  • talesin
    I knew a sister that had a beard - oh, wait, no real privileges. but she could comment and go in FS.
  • smiddy

    I grew a beard in the 60`s and it wasn`t long before I was counselled against having one .

    Years later in another congregation I grew a goatee , again it wasn`t long before I was counselled against having one.

    Years later I again grew a beard , same result .

    When I left over 20 years ago I haven`t been without my beard , whither I go my beard goes with me.

    It`s a power issue with many Elders to control those they consider under them .


  • smiddy


    Had this sister you speak about been in our congregation Bro ,Elder & sister wife would have had her in their salon that they managed /owned and removed her facial hairs (and anywhere else for a fee ) using Electroloscyis technology ( which I believed to be a con ) that`s just my opinion

    They just had to come back for more treatment , and back and back and back .


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