"Be Strong!"---SAD

by eyeuse2badub 21 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Diogenesister

    Even if I had not woken up, I seriously do wonder if I could continue to listen to the same dummed down stuff year on year until my current age. Abraham sacrificed/God sacrificed their sons, can you do the same ? It didn’t make sense from a human standpoint, though it doesn’t make sense you may be asked to do something similarly nonsensical 🤨....oh and of course give us more money and the end is soon.

    There is literally nothing else for them to say.

    NewYork 44M may reflect my lack of faith, but I was at Whole Foods yesterday and bought 3 green bananas. I hope I did not waste my money.


  • john.prestor

    It's disturbing isn't it, when somebody wants you to do something and won't explain why, it begs the question of why they're doing that in the first place. If they know they can't explain it, and they admit they can't explain it to you, why do they want you to do it?

    The answer being because it serves and ulterior motive beneficial to them.

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