Kingdom Halls Are Hall Full

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    They need the space-- they are half empty most of the time except for the Christmas carol service, no, I've got the wrong group, I mean for the memorial saints who come out of the woodwork once a year.

    As I remember I never saw a kh only half full in the last century they always seemed to be brimming over. The reason for the decline is because of all those nasty apostate people who are spoiling the GB's fun and coming on sites like this one. . . and coming in droves too! Yay!

  • joe134cd

    By the time you take into account that half of the half that are mentally engaged at the meeting (or even worse PIMO) then ir would be quater empty.

  • tor1500


    I'm a witness...all of you have great comments..I like sir82...the one about the sister with a weak bladder....we got a few of those & they go to the bathroom the same time every meeting...One of them gets up just to be seen...once I was in the bathroom when she came in...silence...she didn't go to the bathroom...that's her way to show she came to the she hobbles to make it look real good...

    They are merging and doing a lot of slight of hand movements to show we are growing...NOT...I really think many know about the ARC & noticing the money grab...with all this stuff going on in the world they are making room for new ones...they hope...just like after 911 & The Exorcists...folks were running to places of worship...

    Most of the ones that do still come, you can see the tiredness in there minds they are saying..would you guys please call off the D2D already...and stop with the this is the end of the system and just give us a sermon that will uplift us and no more homework...can we just come and worship...folks are tired of working for God...


  • amicabl

    The Dubtown hall appears to be only about a third full. Kevin anticipating a little way into the future.

  • eyeuse2badub

    A nearby KH here in central California had to be torn down because they built it on a land fill and it started breaking apart. It seated 238. They are now building a new hall with only 138 seats. Jehobeer must be blessing that congregation! Its epidemic shrinkage!

    just saying!

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