Kingdom Halls Are Hall Full

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  • SplaneThisToMe

    There’s all this talk about combining congregations to enhance Kingdom Hall utilization. The Branch offices keep calling the Halls half full. Are they half full or half empty??

  • redpilltwice

    Good question STTM. I'd definitely say half empty. Why? Well, because the current trend is clearly showing a decrease so technically speaking the direction you see is from full(er) to (more) empty. This process is negative but ofcourse the Borg would rather see growth as proof of Jah's blessing and therefore chooses the best possible wording.

    My theory

  • LV101

    Too bad they're "half full" - the Borg can play room on that phrase. I prefer lesser fractions of 1/16, 1/8.

    Thor Speed ahead for hall consolidations.

  • LV101
    Meant can play word games on that phrase -- not that they need options as they play on any word, phrase, scripture, money scheme, etc.
  • Crazyguy

    Every time I see a video on YouTube of someone inside a hall it’s more than half empty , even the Spanish Halls . It doesn’t seam to matter where the video was taken the US , Canada, UK or Europe it’s always more then half empty. I can imagine the problem is only going to get worse and that’s why their combining .

    Jws need to look around , their little cult is getting to where no one even knows who they are anymore.

  • MrRoboto

    Being neither a pessimist nor optimist,I would say that the halls are simply twice as large as necessary.

    Extending this concept a little bit though, since we are not talking about a single cup but an entire group of halls, we can also say that there are twice as many KHs than is necessary.

    Incidentally, I've noticed this empty hall deal at my own kh (being pimo) as well. When it first started, I was all-in and thought that it was just some local anomaly due to bad attitudes and cronyism. Now a days, even the CO visit doesn't draw the crowd that it used to, the folks that would only show up for the CO - don't.

  • punkofnice
    Splaney - Are they half full or half empty??

    They need to be totally empty.

  • sir82

    The more I think about this justification, the more stupid it becomes.

    Say you've got a KH with 150 chairs, and 2 congregations of 80 publishers each with average attendance of 70 per meeting.

    OK, so they decide to combine the congregations so the Kingdom Hall is "full".

    What happens at the first meeting? Everybody wants to show up for the first meeting of the new combined congregation, how "exciting"!

    So there's 160 people, but only 150 chairs. 10 people are left standing. Everybody is sitting next to somebody else.

    Brother Bumble is sitting next to Sister Single-Parent and her 3 runny-nosed kids who spend the whole meeting coughing on him.

    Sister Smarmy is sitting next to Brother B.O. who ate a garlic sandwich for dinner.

    Sister Leaky Bladder could only find a seat in the 2nd row, middle of the row, so everyone is aware of the 8 times she gets up to go to the bathroom.

    The air conditioning can't keep up. Visible sweat stains are appearing on everyone's back.

    Guess what? Next meeting, 120 show up.

    Attendance for the combined congregation continues to dwindle down toward, then below, 100 per meeting.

    You'd almost think that "spiritual well-being" wasn't the reason for the combining of congregations. You'd almost think it has more to do with revenue and convenience.

    Go figure.

  • darkspilver

    Watch the video!

    It's a 200 seater Kingdom Hall with 4 English (or same language) congregations

    Each congregation has an average attendance of 120. (4 x 120 = 480)

    The 4 congregations are then merged into 3 congregations

    Thus each congregation will now have an average attendance of 160 in a 200-seater KH.

    WT VIDEOS: Merging Congregations and Seat Utilization (from Nov 2016 and July 2017)

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i think thats termed an overlapping attendance.

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