Cult or High Control Group?

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  • Lets Think
    Lets Think

    As someone who was a member for 50 years and a long time elder, there is no doubt in my mind its a cult, its not just that you cannot leave ,, you cannot believe anything else. Who tells you what to believe, who speaks for God , the leaders. We may not worship them , but to disagree with them openly is 'death' .

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Anybody who hasn't read Steven Hassen books,,,I highly recommend it.

    He hits all the cult ""techniques"". Especially when it comes to JWism.

    Cults have different belief systems.

    But all similar narcissistic leaders who manipulate their victims to make them feel unique.

    But different belief systems/reward systems.

    But similar isolation techniques,,thought control. And the $heeple don't even realize it. Because they are victims.

  • titch

    Folks: Just as a side note....Years ago, when I looked up the word "cult" in a dictionary, I found out that the word "cult" comes from the Latin word "cultus"...which means, "to till". Such as in "tiling soil, or tilling land." And, from that word "cult" we get the word "cultivate" and "culture." They come from the same "root word" which is "cultus." Just thought I'd mention it. Best Regards, Everyone....Titch.

  • no-zombie

    The more that I see these kinds of topics and the posts that follow, the more I'm beginning to wonder how many people really research things for themselves or is everyone now just content to echo the comments of others.

    I seriously don't know.

    I'm saying this because when anyone even superficially compares Jehovahs Witnesses to other mainstream religions of the world today, you must come to the conclusion that the Society is definitely not a cult and on its ranking against other high control groups in the world, it would be to be only half way up the ladder (at best), on the global scale.

    I'll explain why.

    Firstly, compare being an average Witness to a Muslim in Afghanistan under Taliban control. Are you more or less free? Compare being a average Witness to a Muslim in Iran under Khamenei. Are you more or less free? What about the worshipers of the Kim dynasty of North Korea .... better or worse. Yet, those three countries alone (and the Faiths that steer them) dominate every aspect of the lives of over 155 million people. And millions of those people over the years have literally been lost at the whims of their religious leaders, through needless wars of ideology, purges and direct assassinations ... all in the desire for the control of how their people think. Why in the past 10 months of this year alone ... 70,000 Muslim civilians have been killed by Muslim Taliban fighters because the latter believe those in Karbul have fallen away from the true faith.

    And people say the we are in some kind of dangerous high control group? I'd say to these ones, go and take your family to live for a while in any Arabic country ruled by a theocratic government (which is most of them) and see how free and safe you really are. Yeh ... let your wife and daughter take their bikinis down to the beach, and see what kind of sh*t storm you'll create. Or go and talk to the family of Ms Amini who was beaten to death in a Tehtanian detention center by the moral police because some of her hair was visible under her headscarf. And then you might begin to understand the concept of living in a high control religion.

    Secondly, as a older person who has spent his whole life in 'The Truth' and seen a lot, I can tell you, that no more than 20% of the brotherhood are hard-core Witnesses. The rest, the 80% of Jehovah's Witnesses, live quite relaxed lives. Many drink more than they should, go to parties when ever they want, travel the world, get involved in a sport and some even dare to go to university. I even known Sisters that have gone topless bathing during the summer holidays. Yes this 80% are just doing the minimum, been doing it all their lives and all still remain in 'good standing' congregationally.

    And yet people say that we are in some kind of prison? I'd say to these ones, just open your eyes and take a honest look a the people in your congregation and see that the greatest majority do what they basically like, and don't know or really care about the latest 'new light' that comes down from above.

    And finally and most importantly, no person, organization, religion, political party or gang has power over you ... unless you give it to them first. That's the bottom line. Somewhere in your life, YOU made a deal with the Organization. Maybe it didn't work out like you expected, but none the less you did the math and joined up. Yes, we all did that calculation .... and for better or worse, we married our religion and willingly committed ourselves to certain obligations.

    It's does no good just continuing to bitch about the bad decisions that WE made. It's just not helpful nor healthful. And quite frankly, if we've had to suffer through a judicial committee, you should thank God that the Elders didn't extract information from you stretched out on the rack, on the wheel or in a iron maiden ... because if you want want to compare our religion to others from the past, you'll quickly understand that we are already living in paradise.

  • punkofnice

    We've had this conversation a few times over the years. The point is moot.

    The JWs are a fake religion whatever you describe them as.

  • Phizzy

    My motive in making the point that they ARE a High Control Mind Control Group is to hopefully wake up an active J.W or even two. And to warn members of the Public.

    Every religion is made up by man, upon zero quality evidence, but "Fake" as to J.W's is particularly pertinent, they are a Business, and only care about $$$, they do not care about their members, not one bit.

  • blondie

    I agree Phizzy, the word "cult" triggers people, especially jws to stop listening. But "high control group" can open the door to listening. When I first stopped going, I had a hard time using the word "cult" and instead said high control group. I resisted saying cult. But then I read Steve Hassan's BITE model and I had to admit that the WTS checked off many of the traits listed there. Privately, and carefully I don't label the WTS a cult, unless they totally agree.

    This is a page on that might be interesting too.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    If you haven't watched ExJWPandaTower latest upload I highly suggest you do.

    Its entitled "Incredibly Disturbing Jehovahs Witnesses Meeting"".

    The Borg is really tightening the screws when it comes to their fear of apostates and information exposing the Borg.

    He relates how the Borg realizes that if everyone becomes PIMO or doubting/questioning the Borg,,their entire empire collapses.

    They're really tightening down and becoming more fearful of apostates and ''questioning rank and file"".

    Interesting vid,,,,you should check it out. That is if you can stomach the '''meeting part of it"".😬

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    There has to be a reason as to why the Borg is clamping down on its fear of apostates and information

    If everybody becomes PIMO or questioning all at once,,,,you can throw the Borgs control & money right out the window!!!😏

  • NotFormer

    They look awfully like a cult to me. 🤔

    Also, being a Christian sect, they are a part of Christendom. Something I'm going to bring up next time I have a chance 😁.

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