Cult or High Control Group?

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  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Islam... hard to find another collection of ideas that has been so detrimental to mankind, various estimates of the death toll directly attributed to jihad over the last 14 centuries range between 270 and 720, Million lives the figures for oppression and rape will never be known.

    The mind games from the GB are petty in comparison.


  • Ron.W.

    My elderly parents do not understand anything about blood fractions or the blood policy, yet they are both willing to die to 'make a stand for Jehovah' by refusing blood if necessary.

    When I try to discuss it with them patiently and logically they begin to instantly snarl and become aggressive and enraged with me.

    That's cult-like enough for me.

  • PetrW


    Islam... but, for example, the Malleus Maleficarum (first edition of 1486) or the Code Noir (decree of French King Louis XIV of 1685) is also a "quality" perversion of Christianity.

    Because Christianity also - more than once - failed totally, it was sometimes better for e.g. Protestants (in the aftermath of the Thirty Years' War) to flee to areas of the Ottoman Empire to avoid persecution from Roman Catholics. Islam, in my opinion, is neither better nor worse than Christianity, according to this assessment. One might even say that Islam does not even hide its dislike of "dissenters". The same actions by Christians are then accompanied, in my opinion, by greater hypocrisy and a more pronounced disconnect between the code of ethics and reality.

    The question would be rather: why - despite good intentions - does it always fail like this?

    Leaving aside the theological answer, I think the example of C.T. Russell is one answer. Notwithstanding his - not defective Christian ideas - he was guilty of taking his ideas as the "measure of all things". His individual beliefs, became a religion for others and a "measure" of right/wrong for others. Clearly others had a part in this as well, but the defining moment was sometime when he began to think he was an instrument of God. That he was - with all humility, which I do not deny - the chosen one, to proclaim his "truths" and pass them off as God's. This process was not an overnight thing, and if it occurred, then I think he also had plenty of time to "come back". At some point when his views began to be criticized (false prophecy, absurd exegesis of biblical texts, etc.). he should have "stepped on the brake" and tried to change/correct. But, I guess that couldn't be done. He had too much social "capital" invested in it and would have had to deny himself. But this completed his "turn" away from Christianity; in doing so, he laid the foundation for another religion that enslaved millions more (but it must be said here that despite the corruption of the gospel, the gospel still reached others; all is not lost! ).

  • Vidiot
    Beth Sarim - It just baffles me how the vast rank and file JWs cant realize all of this.”

    The Org has evolved to specifically seek out and/or keep rank-and-filers who are not emotionally resilient enough to realize it.

    Most of us are here because unexpected circumstances essentially forced that realization onto us…

    …and it was either accept it and adapt or have a nervous fucking breakdown.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, the realization that something was wrong with the JW religion came slowly and was cumulative.

    What tipped the scales (for me anyway) was the 1995 Generation teaching. I remember sitting in the hall during the study and it hit me:.. they were playing everybody and I knew my time in the Witness religion was Over.. Yes, the thought came to me just like that.

    There was no emotion in me. I just knew what I had to do. I planned my ‘Fade’. Now, I was not raised a Witness so maybe it was easier for me. Luckily, I had no family there. As for everybody else there who knows? JWs make all kinds of excuses inside their heads. Some end up medicated because of cognitive dissonance. They can have it.

  • Foolednomore

    We should be thankful for the laws of the land and civil rights we have. Just imagine what you're country would be like if the Jw's where in charge. You would loose your life if they would have their way. It's either join us or death.

  • Vidiot


    I’ve posted my thoughts on this as well, before.

  • NotFormer

    I remember reading WT literature about disfellowshipping and they basically say that, due to the laws of the land, they can't order people to be stoned and you can really sense the unwritten feeling of regret about that.

    The Great Drunk, Rutherford, used to have security armed with pickaxe handles patrolling his conventions. They're not above using violence to obtain their desired ends.

  • Biahi

    Stan live death, that was a wonderful post! I spoke this past Thursday at a Christian college. I know the professor. He asked me to speak about unions, from my perspective. Because I was in a union for 22 years, and had other jobs without unions. The class was “Business Ethics”. He asked me to give my background as well. So of course I mentioned I was raised a JW, and that it’s a cult. After my presentation, there was questions. I got more questions about JW’s than I did about unions. I was happy to oblige, and mentioned that I know where they stand with the carts, very near where the college is. Some are now planning to engage the carts. These are well educated Christian students. Have fun, cart people! 😂

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