VIDEO - Memorial toast stuns Jehovahs Witnesses congregation!

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  • careful

    What I personally feel about this guy's tactics is not as important as the fact that to any regular Witness, this is a shocking thing to have happen at a Memorial celebration. It's the most sacred thing they do.You could see how angry the elders were with the guy.

    The GB will have already heard about this one and will be busy figuring out how to stop such further occurrences. If they try too much security at the Memorial, it will turn off newbies (if there are any!) and inactive ones they are trying to activate. They will have to do something, however.

  • Incognito

    While some may say what he did was illegal or disruptive, this is not necessarily true.

    JWs invest considerable time inviting the entire community to attend this 'special annual celebration'. If someone isn't home when JWs call, a printed invitation is left in each door. There are no stated requirements on who may attend nor is there a stated restriction on who may not attend.

    Although JWs may not consider it this way, in passing the emblems, that is an invitation for each person attending to take their turn to personally participate in the celebration.

    The person waited for his turn and when he was passed the wine, he used that opportunity to calmly offer a toast before drinking the wine he was offered.

    Although anyone is invited, JWs take exception when everyone attending does not adhere to appearance and behaviour dictated by WT. When someone doesn't follow the script, JW elders will attempt to physically remove that person or will proceed to call the authorities, even without first contacting WT legal department.

  • Tenacious

    @ john.prestor:

    Thanks. I'll look for it. I didn't think it was an isolated incident.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I personally wouldn't do it, but don't find anything wrong In what he did. So what if it feeds their persecution complex, some may get the message, that the KH shits as a place to raise your kids and start looking up info on these crooks in sheep clothing.

    Young ones are leaving in droves because they are looking up stuff on the internet. There is no one in the congregation for young people to do things with, many are left with no choice but to find worldly friends. This religion is on its deathbed.

  • John_Carter_1912

    I disagree with all those criticizing him. Times are different today from years ago when you guys became EX-JWs. People today have no problem going on-line after an event like this, blogging, instagraming, texting about the points the guy raised!

    1 Timothy 5:20 = “Reprove before all onlookers persons who practice sin, that the rest also may have fear.”

    Watch the video again at 1/4 speed and all you can see is FEAR, not at the disruption, but at the facts the man is calmly saying.

  • LongHairGal


    Some JWs probably felt uncomfortable because of the cognitive dissonance they experienced hearing what he said.

    Whether people agree or disagree about what this man did, the fact is that the JW religion does cause all sorts of problems and deserves to be exposed because of it.

    How many ex-JWs are in therapy and take years to get over their experience? Some will suffer effects for the rest of their lives - whether because of how they were treated or poor employment prospects because of no college and too late in life to make any meaningful difference.

    Looking at this video, I am glad it’s no longer ME sitting at these meetings!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i got the impression a lot in the audience were unaware of what was going on. just sat there--switched thats normal then. sit there--stupified..not taking anything in..till the closing prayer--then they know its over.

    the hardest part for them is trying to stay awake. those chairs look too comfortable.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Just a P.S. to my criticism of what the "activist" did:

    Every J.W. who goes out knocking on doors on Christmas day are actively & deliberately disrupting the lives of people who are celebrating a holiday which J.W.'s openly condemn.

    J.W.'s who do so should be ashamed!

    J.W.'s are confident that people will not want to show any animosity to them on Xmas Day.

    Even my devout J.W. mother used to say, "Leave them alone - it's their one special day of the year."

  • cookiemaster

    Yeah, I remember going in door to door preaching on Christmas Eve one time. We're a small town where everyone knows everyone and I was so fuckin' embarrassed because I was disturbing people right as they were setting up decorations or some were drunk. It was a really inappropriate time to pester people.but I was just a kid and older idiot JWs pressured me to do it.

    Anyway, I think there's a right way to do these disruptive protests at JW events. The way to do it is like this guy started. Calmly and respectfully addressing everyone. No crazy shouting or crazy claims. Just expressing concern about some things, dropping 'red pills' on them and inviting them to do their own research about these issues online.

    While I'm sure this will fuel the persecution complex of some old timers, let's be honest. Most old timers have invested their lives into this cult and aren't going to give it up no matter what. However, some of the young ones might be tempted to go online in secret and research the issues mentioned by the 'crazy apostate', and that might wake them up.

    Finally, I'm surprised that KH was so empty during memorial day. Here in Romania our hall is just as empty and populated with geriatrics during regular meetings but it's absolutely chock full during memorial. Not that it matters because zero of the people attending the memorial continue to come to the regular meetings.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I think starting with "victims of child sexual abuse" could have been enough. Or victims of shunning. But one point would have been good.

    Take one point, toast to it, take a drink, hand it back. Going on and on with more to say until they feel compelled to take the wine away just made him look like another typical apostate feeding their persecution complex.

    He did well with that, but short and sweet, and they would not be sure what to do with the guy.

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