The 1914 doctrine: How long it will last?

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  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    I never was a JW, but I have a view about this.

    'Distance lends enchantment'.

    Paul had a vision, which led him to his view of Xianity, which became orthodox. Mohammed had his vision, which became orthodox. Joseph Smith propounded his visions, which became orthodox mormonism. Millerites had their view, Russell had his view, etc. etc. which disappeared back into the mists of time. They were either accepted or forgotten.

    '1914' is, I think, (perhaps consciously by the GB) being forgotten and disappearing into the mists of time. How often is Russell referred to now in JW writings?

    It will pass, no doubt, and modern JW writers will consign it to (uncomfortable) history. Those raking it up will be accused of apostacy.

  • Ucantnome

    I believe that in 1876 Russell published an article showing that the gentile times ended in 1914 and I think that this is still believed by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    I understand that the anointed were commissioned in 1919 to speak in God’s name and in 1920 they discerned that they should preach the good news of the establishment of God’s Kingdom in 1914 in fulfilment of Matthew 24:14 as shown in the Watchtower article Gospel of the Kingdom July 1st 1920.

    In the book, Man’s Salvation Out of World Distress At Hand! (Watch Tower 1975) page 47/48

    ‘The glorification of Jesus Christ in heaven after his extraordinary sufferings as a man on earth was good news, Gospel, Evangel. “Nevertheless,” writes the apostle Paul with special reference to his own people, “they did not all obey the good news…’

    …The good news about the Messianic kingdom of Jehovah’s “Servant” is better news today than it was nineteen hundred years ago, in apostolic times. In the face of the relatively small proportion of the world’s population that has put faith in the “thing heard [from] us” or proclaimed by us, it can truthfully be said: “They did not all obey the good news.” ‘

    In my opinion I think that if they were to change what has been proclaimed regarding 1914 it would be the same as changing what has been preached regarding the resurrection of Christ. So I don’t see it happening. The teaching of the end of the gentile times in 1914 is for good I think.

  • slimboyfat

    You'd think they would drop it pretty soon. But for all their changes over the last few years, the current GB don't seem thoughtful or creative enough to build an alternative or to justify dumping one of their central teachings, Their dismal performance with "this generation" shows they are not up to the task. So they may just stick with 1914 long after it's become patently repidiculous just because they can't think what else to do.

  • nmthinker

    They won't get rid of 1914 any time soon. This is in the Nov 2016 WT Study edition. There have also been recent WT studies where the first sentence in the article treats 1914 as a proven fact.

    Malachi 3:1-3 describes the time —from 1914 to early 1919—when the anointed “sons of Levi” would undergo a period of refinement. (Read.)

    During that time, Jehovah God, “the true Lord,” accompanied by Jesus Christ, “the messenger of the covenant,” came to the spiritual temple to inspect those serving there. After receiving needed discipline, Jehovah’s cleansed people were ready to take up a further assign- ment of service. In 1919, a “faithful and discreet slave” was appointed to provide spiritual food to the household of faith. (Matt. 24:45) God’s people were now free of the influence of Babylon the Great. Since that time, by Jehovah’s un- deserved kindness, his people have con- stantly been growing in knowledge of God’s will and in love for their heavenly Father. How grateful they are for his blessing![1]

  • respectful_observer
    I think the only thing that would truly bring the 1914 doctrine to rest would be for the Jehovah's Witnesses as a culture to become more educated than they are. I am talking formally and informally educated. It doesn't take a college degree to read about and understand when Jerusalem was destroyed. Without 607 BCE, their 1914 doctrine crumbles to dust.

    I'm not sure even that would help. I saw the Dead Sea Scrolls touring exhibit with what I consider to be some of the better educated critical thinkers I've encountered in the JWs (all professionals with degrees). Throughout the exhibit, plaques everywhere referenced Jerusalem's destruction in 587. Not a single person even noticed; when I finally pointed it out, there was a collective shrug followed by " least we have the right date", or "So? I don't see why that really matters at all?"

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