The 1914 doctrine: How long it will last?

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  • opusdei1972

    One hundred years have passed and the Society still supports this lie, which of course, is the basis of their other lies, like that of the unfaithful and not discreet slave appointed in 1919. However, I wonder, what will happen after 50 years, when the overlapped generation will pass?. And if you want, what will happen with this religion in 2100?, could it survive with the same lie???

  • blondie

    The WTS originally that the end would COME in 1914....CTR died in 1916....the WTS just kept adding to the date 1918, 1920, 1925 (the new end), then the 1940's per JR and he died.

    The GT was said to have started in 1914 but interrupted in 1918 to start at a later date...updated in 1970 as to GT starting yet in the future.

    The WTS just updates whatever it is; 142 years and counting from 1874 and many updates.

  • prologos

    The current timeline of the overlapping generation extends to 2075. This is based upon 2 Fr. Franzes overlapping from 1992 and living to about 100.*** Wt loves 1914, because something actually happened that year, although not what they predicted. But the overlapping anointed doctrine is already dead, because wt says the anointed generation will be in heaven by the end, and The Prophecy says they will survive the end, as the Christians did in 70 CE, Wt predicts the 1914 date will last until 2075, but it is already dead.

    ***David Splain used Frederik Franz as an example of the first group, he died in 1992, nearly 100 years old. a similar anointed, "serving" for 80+ years after Franz's death would give that memorable centennial: 2075. like 1975, it is unlikely to happen.

  • NewYork44M

    There is no magic to changing the date. Simply change the date, or ignore what has previously been stated as truth. The faithful will always stick around - no matter what. The others, will eventually die. So, time heals all errors.

  • zeb

    for the studios minded,

    "The Gentile Times Reconsidered by Carl Olof Jonsson. ISBN 0-914675-06-0.

    Gives a very detailed insight into this matter of date setting by the wts and specifically the way in which they treated anyone in this case Jonnson who dares to challenge their authority.

    Jonsson was a jw elder.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Double post.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Before they came out with this overlapping generation nonsense I assumed that they would simply let the generation part of the 1914 doctrine to die a quiet death. Kind of like they did with 1975.

    I know they won't get rid of 1914 in its entirety, instead they might just emphasize the natural catastrophes and world wars so they can claim to have predicted them. 1914 is simply too much a part of their core narrative. It's either they're a collective prophet or they're nothing at all. 1914 was supposed to have granted them legitimacy setting them apart as God's amazing crystal ball gazing people.

  • Wild_Thing

    I think the only thing that would truly bring the 1914 doctrine to rest would be for the Jehovah's Witnesses as a culture to become more educated than they are. I am talking formally and informally educated. It doesn't take a college degree to read about and understand when Jerusalem was destroyed. Without 607 BCE, their 1914 doctrine crumbles to dust.

    Imagine a group of well educated governing body members* sitting around the table and realizing their entire religion contradicts archaeological, historical, and scientific facts.**

    * This will never happen.

    **This will never happen, either.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Truly said Village Idiot. I hope the majority of people on this site will live long enough to get to see what becomes of the JW religion in 25 years alone. I just can't imagine a WT saying the end is imminent in 25 years. Who would believe it?

  • Wild_Thing
    I just can't imagine a WT saying the end is imminent in 25 years. Who would believe it?

    But didn't people say that 25 years ago, too?

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