The 1914 doctrine: How long it will last?

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  • scratchme1010

    I wonder, what will happen after 50 years, when the overlapped generation will pass?. And if you want, what will happen with this religion in 2100?, could it survive with the same lie???

    I'm afraid that the 1914 nonsense is going to last for as long as it serves their purpose. As soon as they find something to replace it or as soon as they run out of ridiculous explanations or "new light" announcements, I'm sure they are going to come up with a plan to have something else substitute it.

    The fact that they are now conditioning their followers to (1) get use to changes as per their saying and (2) continue hiding, destroying and/or minimizing what they have said in the past under the excuse of "new light', gives them leeway to prolong what they preach.

    In other words, the 1914 nonsense isn't going away for as long as it continues being their milking cow.

  • prologos
    sm110 "-- hey are going to come up with a plan to have something else substitute it.

    I read somewhere they played round to find a new spectacular event (which 1914 was) for the start of the generation, like the Gagarin story, or the man in the moon, Armstrong , being higher than satan who is down here.-- desperate .

  • stuckinarut2

    Facts like dates etc dont matter to the average witness.

    They don't actually think about anything deep, except for "this is the truth"

  • Phizzy

    They can shovel any kind of s**t down the ordinary JW's throats and they will accept it, so however far they get from 1914 simply makes no difference, apart from if they start to "study" with someone with more than two sparking brain cells who asks questions about it.

    What will cause them problems is the general slide away from faith that is going on in America, Europe and elsewhere. The Catholic Church was bemoaning the fact a few days ago that kids as young as 10 were leaving the Church !

    May they quickly atrophy in to oblivion.

  • wizzstick

    I think that the whole point of the One Generation = Two Overlapping Groups was to buy time.

    They didn't seem to need that doctrine but they still invented it.

    So what's the expiry date?

    I would suggest the 2030s. By that point Mark Sanderson will be in his 70s. He's been used as an example of the second group that overlaps with the first.

    It wouldn't be a surprise to me if they're not already re-examining scriptures with the view to create a whole new end times dating system.

    The WT needs the end to be 'close' to 'create' urgency. As 1914 fades into the distance it will be harder and harder to maintain that urgency.

  • notsurewheretogo

    The overlapping generation has bought the 1914 doctrine some can last another 10 years or so...

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    1914 is the cornerstone of J.W. dogma - it's the foundation of their "last days" predictions. They cannot afford to discard it. On that basis, it will only disappear when the org itself goes out of business. (Think positive - Lehman Brothers, Woolworths, Pan Am, Berlin wall, etc.
  • freddo

    Look. There are idiots with an agenda who have followers believing that the Holocaust didn't happen; if the GB told the JW's that WW1 didn't really happen and to ignore any evidence for it because Satan changed the words in the newspapers and the images on the cine films some of them would believe it and even more would go along with it.

    Their brains would fry as they "waited on Jehovah" and they continued to trust "imperfect men", but they'd accept it and bob their heads and answer up in the Watchtower study.

    Just like they will bob their heads (including those that preached it and who lived through it) and answer up when they study the overlapping generation change bollocks in the "(Obey) God's Kingdom Rules!" book later this month at the CLAM meeting.

    RANT Over!

  • Phizzy

    No 1914= no 1919= no G.B

    They are rather tied to it.

  • Chook

    GB would make it disappear if they could, but 1914 is the bottom card in the castle. They can't do a George Orwellian because they printed it too many times. It will continue to haunt the prophet makers at Brooklyn. Denial of 1914 would kill the spin doctors at the bethel media department.

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