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  • Giordano

    In the JW world..... judging others by sisters whose husbands brought home good incomes, was and probably still is...... rampant. It's part of a nasty pecking order. Money counts as does theocratic prestige. Having gotten a better education made some feel superior. But of course they didn't promote getting a better education to the rank and file.

    I thought it was funny as hell that the Society, five or more years ago, sent a letter to their christian congregations, for volunteers to join the Bethel and Warwick volunteer service on a temporary basis.......IF they had a college education! Oh my....really!

    Another problem that was prominent back in the day......... late 1950's early 1960's was integration. The Society preferred Jim Crow not integration........... nor did Civil rights ever enter into the discussion.

    In the North the black brothers were not offered congregational positions........ If the congregation was half white. There were exceptions of course. For one reason or another they were never seriously considered. As to Bethel, white on white served and led....... It took 130 years to add one black brother to the governing body.

    By the way racism was a part of the forming of the WTBTS. At one point in NY City they only allowed the black friends to sit in the Baloney for a presentation.

    Somehow or other Jesus's ministry was replaced by the WTBTS's corporate attitude of 'don't rock the boat....let's keep the money flowing.

    All and all this is a really sad and nasty religion.

  • KimD

    That is sad to hear. The more that I read and find out I'm just shocked.

    Thank you all for the warm welcome and encouraging words. I wish that I could meet you all in person :)

  • Finkelstein

    The Watchtower Corporation ( Religious Publishing House) built itself up by being lying and pretentious as well exploitative and coercive in its marketing agenda.

    Unfortunately the people who joined were ignorant, naive and probably not very well educated on Biblical knowledge concerning preaching the Gospel of Jesus or modern secular knowledge.

    As an example .........

  • KimD

    Amazing! What ever my bible study told me about the Bible I believed her. No questions asked. I believed it was the truth. After a few years, it became a burden. I felt smothered and wished that I didn't know the "truth" as I was stuck...couldn't leave because I didn't want to die at I didn't want to let down the friends and elders.....I got sick...started having panic attacks because of the pressure. Years later and many let downs...I finally knew that if I didn't leave that I would end up dead at an early age. I needed to feel was probably the hardest thing that I have ever done but I am so glad to be free from the JW organization. I can't even imagine how someone is able to break the chains after being raised in the religion. My heart goes out to each and everyone of you. So glad that I found you folks :)

  • James Jack
    James Jack

    The "Green Handshake" refers to the Circuit Overseers visit to each Congregation, that during his visit, many Elders will hand over cash (gifts) to curry favor with the CO in the way of getting Assembly & Convention talks and various positions on the Circuit level or in the Congregation.

  • Finkelstein

    I got sick...started having panic attacks because of the pressure.

    KimD did you know that there have been many people who committed suicide directly case by the psychological controls, anxieties and depression orchestrated by the WTS ?

    I personally know of three young people in my locality but I left the JWS 30 years ago so there may be a lot more since then.

  • KimD


    I can see how that could happen and it is so sad. People feel that their is no other way out. I felt that way and wasn't even raised in the religion. I am so grateful for this site and for people like you. I have read about suicide in some of the post here.

    Their was a beautiful young woman in our congregation that fell in love with a man that was not a JW. Her family disowned her...she cried a this day...I don't know what happened to her...I wish that I could find her now but honestly it's been so long that I can't even remember her name.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Again, Welcome KimD. Feel free to open-up here and express your thoughts anytime!!!

  • KimD

    Thank you Beth Sarim

  • Diogenesister

    Welcome KimD nice to have you!

    Whilst it’s true that women are the backbone of the society and the “workhorses”’ we are often really kept in the dark regarding the running of the organisation. If only jw women knew their own power and stood up to the .org when it tries to tell them not to speak to their own children or shun their best friends in their darkest hour.

    Even when I knew the truth about the truth, or ”ttatt ” as it’s called for short, it took me a long time to realise it was a cult. It was the B.i.T.E. Model that explained how cults work - by using behaviour control, information control, thought control and emotional control.

    I am so sorry you suffered so badly Kim. Thank goodness you came through in one piece - not everyone does :((

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