All KH Bank accounts to close and all received contributions sent directly to the WT

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  • James Jack
  • DesirousOfChange

    To what branches was this direction given?

    The latter part talks about privacy information. That is not an issue in the US.

  • Smiles

    This is why analysing FULL CONTEXT of leaked documents is critical before public interpretation.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I looked at the video and I would guess either Spain, France, or UK

  • Diogenesister

    Kim to answer your question: The Organization absolutely do not trust ordinary Jehovah's witnesses and I know this because Gerrit Losche outright said JWs ONLY FULLY trust Jesus & the faithful slave, yet only somewhat trust their JW 'brothers and sisters'.

  • joe134cd

    They are certainly in financial trouble. There end might be sooner than I expected.

  • SadElder
    The money grab is getting tighter. They'll be able to see if they have more money locally now that they wont be able to have external bank accounts. I wonder if the federal banking rules should apply to the way they want to keep money? Aren't they functioning as a bank?

  • Foolednomore

    The Bank of Watchtower full of Geehovah Dollars. Soon the brother can open an account with the bank of Watchtower and get Geehovahie Bucks. And high interest loans.

  • NonCoinCollector

    Geehovah Dollars, maybe Watchtower can develop its own crypto. Remember when they had the meal tickets at conventions? You had to exchange money for these tickets which were then used to purchase sandwiches and drinks.

  • Listener

    Thanks Atlantis for the documents and Kim Silvio for her discussion.

    The Newsletter of July 22 seems to be one that affects the Congregations under the UK Branch since they discuss Gibraltar and Andorra. Point 11 of the Newsletter states

    11. Contacting the Branch: We are aware that these changes will result in many questions and doubts. The branch will try to anticipate these questions and provide answers by giving all the necessary details as the adjustments are being implemented. For that reason, there is no need to inquire now about details related to adjustments that will take effect eventually, and for which more information will be provided. After that, the Accounting Department will gladly help resolve any incident.

    How is it that they are aware that the changes are going to create not only questions but also doubts? Normally they think everything they do is right which wouldn't create doubts, any changes would have the opposite affect by congratulating the GB for their thoughtful and beneficial changes. It seems they are already feeling guilty about this.

    I love how JWs don't need to enquire with questions or expressions of doubt because the Branch will anticipate what they are. There's only so much guessing what JWs are thinking but to actually allow them to speak about it means they can take the guesswork out of it.

    Not even after they have explained themselves does there appear to be an avenue in which they can raise their concerns since they say that after the process they can talk to their Accounting Department but only if there is an incident. Even then, it's only when an incident arises that they will be happy to address it, suggesting that anything before then will make them unhappy.

    Point 1 of the Announcement, which appears to be acting as an introduction states -

    1. Change in Congregations, Circuits and Kingdom Hall Operating Committees Accounting: As mentioned in the announcement of April 8, 2022 regarding the challenges in handling banking matters and transactions, we are pleased to announce in the following paragraphs the adjustments that will come into effect in September 2022.

    They seem to be suggesting that the transfer of bank accounts is to take the responsibility away from the congregation brothers because it is too challenging. With all their talk about privileges it's just another one they are removing.

    Does anyone know if they are doing the same in the U.S. or Australia Branches?

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