All KH Bank accounts to close and all received contributions sent directly to the WT

by James Jack 33 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

    2 days ago
    The watchtower could go back to what they did before

    Do you think it’s possible that they will go online and charge a “membership/subscription” fee to log in? I’ve always wondered this 🧐

  • Biahi

    Thomas More, I loved your posts. Especially the reference to “George Costanza in an ice bath”. Lol. And I hope with the references to online subscription fees for members, please don’t give them any ideas! This cult needs to go away, asap.

  • TonusOH
    Kim: What?!?! Seriously…..when did he say that? omg, I was a naive a x way to trusting/believing JW

    Most (if not all) of us were. If I'd heard Losche say that when I was PIMI, I would have nodded in agreement. They didn't just organize our lives, they spoke our thoughts for us. It's not really a surprise why so many remain in cults; what you see from the outside is very different from what they perceive on the inside.

  • ThomasMore

    Fulano, you are absolutely correct. That's why I think it is unlikely. Perhaps they have multiple haircuts in store for the "friends". Whatever the case, I think this is a prelude to an oganizational change.

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