Hailstone message AND everyone will be saved? Questions

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  • Magnum

    The great irony in all of this is that we're talking about JWs' delivering a hailstone message in the future when the truth is that they are receiving one now. They are being pulverized by hailstones of all sizes. The internet unleashed the fury of the skies on JW Land. It is running desperately for cover... just trying to survive. The org is in survival mode now - trying to adapt and become more mainstream and relevant. It has sold out, showing its true nature/colors. It has jumped the shark. JWs at carts get hit by hailstones and they tuck their tails between their legs and leave in insecurity and cowardice; they run for cover from the hail. The org is being exposed and pulverized by hailstones in all types of media and even by governments.

    There is no way JWdom could ever deliver a hailstone message. As I've mentioned several times lately, JWs are legends in their own minds. I swear I would face all nine (or however many there are now) members of the GB by myself in a public debate, but they would never agree to such. I've got a bag of hailstones to deliver right at them. Where is their god... on the privy? He won't protect them and show them to be right?

    The JW preaching is not even a slight mist; much more so is it not and much more so never will it or can it be a hailstorm. What are they going to say?... "You better listen to us! You're going to die! We said back in 1879... oh, well, wait.. no... we said back in 1925... oh, well, wait, forget that... we said in the early 70's... oh, well, wait, uhmmm, no, not that.... I'll get back with you... I'm going to do some research."

    P.S. Plus, the whole scenario just doesn't make sense. It's always been presented as a time of great tribulation when false religion has been exposed/abolished by governmental forces and the oh so pure and innocent JWs have been left alone. But JWdom is being exposed right now by governments. Why would JWs be free to deliver some kind of hailstone message during this supposed tribulation?

    JWs can't face the challenges of preaching right now! How are they going to fare during some kind of worldwide tribulation? Nobody pays them any attention and for good reason; they're clueless, insignificant nobodies. How are they going to deliver this hailstone message during this supposed tribulation... point people to a corny, lame website? Give them a lame tract? The JW message is unclear now. What's going to happen to clear it up in the future? If, hypothetically, JWs are right, then there is extreme injustice in that they are not delivering a clear warning message now - giving people a fair chance now.

  • Biahi

    No zombie, I just wanted to respond to you with this: THE HOLY SPIRIT HAS NEVER BEEN A PART OF THIS ORGANIZATION. Also, Magnum, your comments have been really spot on! 👍👍👍

  • Vidiot
    jhine - “…what exactly was the point of telling people that it was too late for them and they were going to die?”


  • Vidiot

    It’s a helluva quandary…

    …keep doubling down on all the old outdated hardline stances, and they can’t help but alienate more and more members (not to mention putting their tax-exemption at risk just when they’re experiencing serious financial difficulties)…


    …keep watering things down the way they have, and before too long they’ll have effectively neutered all the things they held up as “proof” they had The Truth…

    …up to and including the claim of “God’s Exclusive Earthly Organization”.

    Either way, where’s the incentive to even be a Jehovah’s Witness?

  • no-zombie

    Hi Biahi,

    It was meant from their perspective.

  • notsurewheretogo

    I don't think the new light means "billions" will be saved at the Big A even if they are not JW's. Their change to the understanding is simply to alleviate concerns to current Jdubs that the folks leaving are not walking corpses and that they are simply suggesting "we do not know how Jehoover will act with someone".

    To me they still believe you need to be baptised to be saved but they are being ambiguous with what occurs at the GT/Big A so as to help those in that they need not worry etc.

  • Mikejw

    Notsure think about it. The new light is that unrighteous loved ones do not need to die beforehand to get a spot in paradise.

    So how could that mean anything other than billions of unrighteous ones will survive Armageddon just as if they died beforehand

    tell me where I’m wrong about what this new light is supposed to mean?

  • notsurewheretogo

    It is not "unrighteous loved ones" though is it. It is those that are deemed righteous during the GT as their hearts are changed by the events or simply deserve a resurrection.

    In no way does he GB or JW's interpret this as billions get though the Big A. It simply means any who know Jehovah prior but do not serve him and see the GT and then turn to him may be saved or deserve a resurrection in paradise.

    Billions do not know and will not suddenly become JW's during the GT. It doesn't mean billions of unrighteous will get saved at the Big A etc.

    This new light is simply appeasing those still in that their family who are out are not lost at all when the GT starts and Jehoover determines who gets resurrected and not being so dogmatic about it. It is a softening of their hardline stance. Not an open to billions stance.

  • Mikejw

    Notsure You need to go listen again to what Br Jackson announced as new light.

    He made the statement that “we know some of you were thinking that you hoped your loved ones would die before Armageddon” he repeated it saying “we know, we know that’s what you were hoping”

    but then he says in a whinny sarcastic voice “but does that really make sense?”

    no it doesn’t make sense as the rest of the nonsense interpretation by the GB.

    but then he goes in to imply that if some JWs have unbelieving loved ones they don’t have to die beforehand to be in paradise.

    So the big question is now - is there a difference between an unrighteous person dying before or still alive when Armageddon comes? The new light says no difference.

    so will there be billions of unrighteous make it through just as if they died beforehand?

  • notsurewheretogo

    No, it just means that Jehoover will read hearts and they are now stating what has always been believed really.

    It doesn't mean billions will make it through. Yes that is possible but it doesn't mean it is likely. It is just like saying all people on earth will become JW's during the GT....it is possible but unlikely.

    All the GB have done is state what really has been mooted by dubs for years. That Jehoover will read hearts and allow some through etc. But not billions...just the dubs family members in the dubs mind and all the GB are doing is appeasing and tickling their ears.

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