Mr. Minimus, how do you feel?

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  • a watcher
    a watcher

    It doesn't matter who the President is.

    The Eighth King of Revelation WILL establish an antichrist one world government eventually, no matter what anyone says or does.

    Fortunately, it will only rule briefly until Jesus destroys it.

  • Hairtrigger

    DOC and MILlie 210:

    well summarized. The man was one of the best presidents this country has had. Despite his personal shortcomings.

    I hope he returns again in another four to rip the thieving Dems. apart. We have a thieving family and his sidekick who will do nothing for the next four years except make money for the big corps. Like His previous boss Obama. Or the Clintons.

  • Diogenesister

    Actually mean Mr. M reminded me of something.

    My husband said this morning “I don’t give a rats ass who won as long as they do something about climate change”. I believe Biden is going to re-join the G7? I really think Trump let himself down by not moving on climate change issues. At the end of the day, right now, it’s all that really matters.

  • Diogenesister
    I think some kind of NHS would be great, but, again, I'm just concerned about all those who don't deserve it benefitting by it. And the money still has to come from people who

    Thank you Magnum for explaining something that we in Britain find hard to understand. Do you not think everyone deserves medical care? Wherever they are from?

    Im a determinist. I believe we don’t have free will.

    Many things that you feel make people deemed ‘worthy’ of govt intervention - such as medical care, unemployment benefit etc etc - seem to be things such as ability to thrive via work or study, being an English speaker, integrating into a Northern European style culture etc I believe are mostly accident of birth. Yes, even ability to work hard is something that comes via either upbringing or the same way musical ability is or sporting ability. When you realise that we, none of us, are in our relative situations in life from purely our own efforts you will see that either no one - or everyone - is deserving of medical care etc etc

  • FedUpJW

    Can someone seriously explain to me what the appeal of Trump is/was?

    I don't honestly know! After all who would have ever wanted the lowest unemployment of blacks? The lowest unemployment of Hispanics? Rising value of stock holdings? After all isn't HIGH unemployment of minorities better? Isn't losing half ones investment portfolio much better under the left? Isn't sitting on ones ass doing nothing except bitching about not getting enough free shit better?

    Only a person of very low intellect votes strictly on the basis of "personality". I didn't care if Trump was boorish, spoke his mind when silence may have been better. Everything that made being a LEGAL citizen of The United States of America something to be proud of grew under Trump's administration. I refuse to follow the sheep to the bread line of welfare that Slo-joe and his garden tool is promising. At least in four more years perhaps enough useful idiots will gain some level of thinking ability and vote those fools out of office!

  • Hotpepper

    Happy for the change ? Wait for $6 gasoline, higher electric/ heating bills. Biden letting terrorist into the country. Your going to love it. Biden started today with that green planet crap and Paris clean air bull today ,and he's not even elected one day. I work in the auto/ metal recycling business

    If you tree huggers think it's clean an non pollution . Your in for a big surprise.its a filthy toxic business that only the poorest people will work in. I could tell 2000 stories. Junkyard Dog

  • Magnum

    Diogenesister, no, I do not believe that everyone deserves medical care - at least not if I'm having to pay for it. I believe there are many horrible, evil people who are unworthy. I believe there are many who are just sorry and don't deserve to have others pay for their medical care.

    I was just a few minutes ago reading something about the horrible torture some inflict on animals. Do you think that I want people who do that to get medical care? I'm trying to mind my manners, so I'm not going to say what kind of "care" I think they deserve.

    I realize that's an extreme example, but I believe many are unworthy. Maybe you just haven't seen it or been exposed to it as I have. Maybe the situation is different in Britain. I have personally, my whole life, been affected by people who I think are sorry and undeserving. My wife and I have been used and dumped on our entire lives by sorry people - able-bodied, able-minded people who are sorry. As I've mentioned recently on this forum, I've seen hundreds of women who don't work and who pop out babies that I have to pay for (I don't blame the babies).

    I believe there are a lot of sorry people, and I don't want to pay their medical needs. I will admit, thought that I have given a lot of thought to determinism and the extent to which people are controlled by their genes and their environments, and I'm still contemplating that and weighing the evidence. I just believe there a lot of people who are plain out sorry and/or mean and/or evil; if it's in their genes, then let's stop supporting them and eliminate those genes from society.

    There are many who look for ways to play the system. There are many who look for ways to take what is yours and mine. There are people who sit around and look for ways to implant viruses in our electronics and scam us out of what is ours.

    Even if some are strongly controlled by their genes, I don't excuse them. I've told my wife over the last few years, that I believe that some are "wired" to be sexually attracted to children - that they are born with that tendency. HOWEVER, I do not excuse those who act of those tendencies. Here's how I illustrated it to my wife. I have a seven-year-old raccoon that I rescued and raised on a bottle. I love her dearly and she's feisty, playful, and affectionate. Suppose I got really hungry and had a really strong desire for raccoon meat; I could NEVER act on my desire and bring harm to her. So, people might have genetic tendencies, but I don't (at least in a lot of cases) excuse them if they don't fight those tendencies.

    I do believe in taking care of those who are clearly unable to take care of themselves. In some cases, it's impossible for us to determine who are really deserving. That's why I still wish there were some kind of just, caring higher being who would step in and make those judgements for us.

    I respect your opinion, but right now, I disagree. As I mentioned earlier, I will keep an open mind and readily admit to it if I change my mind.

    Not trying to be stubborn or mean; just have strong feelings about it right now. I respect you and your feelings. I believe your motives are good even if I disagree.

  • HowTheBibleWasCreated

    Sigh.. I've stayed away from politics for all my life. So gie me a brak this is my first political post but having read Rupublic by Plato I can assure you the USA is not a real republic.

    I actually didn't care who won but if the USA does move to the left (unlikely) so be it. Finally they can join Europe, Canada, the rest of the enlightened world!

    Look in the 18th century it was called the.....'enlightenment'. This is not a new thing this so -called hippie movment. It's time for all of us to be equals and vomit out the racist and backwards religious thinking like 40% of the USA thinking the world is 6000 years old!. It time to say enough isenough. Join the 21st century or go join the Arab league of Muslims in the middle east lol

  • Hotpepper

    Climate change is another scam let me ask 12000 years ago what caused the Ice age to end and the Earth to warm up? Cave men making camp fires?

  • Magnum

    HowTheBibleWasCreated, The reason those places you mention can be "enlightened" is that the U.S. carries a big stick and that provides them the opportunity. If the U.S. becomes all peace & love enlightened, then it won't last long for the U.S. or those other places because it will allow all the bullies (China, Russia, Iran, N Korea, etc.) to step in. Europe won't be so enlightened then.

    Somebody has to be tough and carry a big stick and I get tired of hearing the U.S get bashed for that. Europe ought to be glad the U.S. is what it is.

    edited to add: Where does racism come into play? To whom are you specifically referring?

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