Warning: Watchtower computer dept. registers accounts on Ex-JW sites, coerces people to divulge their personal details

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  • supernerdboy

    If Bethel blocks apostate websites, that means that bethalites need to use a VPN to wake up, no? I just hope I do not blocked, I use a VPN for all sites I go to. Having to direct traffic for one browser/site is a pain. :-) So far so good for me.

  • Dreamerdude

    WTS Archive, good for you standing up to those dishonest bullies.

    You and others in Poland seem to be leading the way out of WT, judging from the two most recent yearbooks. Poland was the leader in freeing publishers in 2014, then in 2015 joined by the 2 Congos and Malawi in Africa. Japan, Korea, and Puerto Rico also appear to be leading the way to freedom. I'm sure those countries have WT's attention.

  • Scarlett Jansen
    Scarlett Jansen

    hildebrando thank you ,

    i saw the Bethel Emmen ip, i just wanted to know a bit more about the conversation between mr Bethel Netherlands and the victim ... without the name of the victim ofcourse .... there are laws here (netherlands) and newspapers... and at least 3 national papers are not amused by Watch Tower Policies.

    ty and have a nice day/evening, Scarlett

  • nugget

    Lone individuals can also take it upon themselves to stalk and try to out people who are trying to exit the organisation. I have personally experienced this when someone sent me a pm asking for information regarding an earlier event in my life. I genuinely believed this person was in distress and sent details of how I had been affected. Later when the elders came to interrogate us about apostate activity they quoted from the PM. I can not tell you how violated I felt. It just so happened that it was the right time to exit so no lasting harm was caused it certainly cemented my decision to walk away.

    If you are not ready to jump ship do not divulge personal information to anyone unless you are sure that they are who they claim to be witnesses on a mission are unscrupulous.

  • Scarlett Jansen
    Scarlett Jansen

    Hi nugget,

    The Witnesses on a mission are afwul! Have experienced and seen up close what they can do. In the Netherlands in WW2 the collaborators of the Nazi,s were called NSBers, thats what i call those kind of witnesses, who will go digging for dirt and go to extreme lenghts, just to get in to the good graces of the elders ugh!

  • Dunedain

    While this is not the exact same thing, I do know for a FACT, that some "higher ups" in Brooklyn/NY Bethel, have some of the computer savvy "yes men" bethelites "monitor" all the "apostate" websites. That includes this one as well.

    Now, I have NOT heard of them ever being instructed to try to get personal info, or go on any "witch hunts". It is more of a, "what are the apostates saying now", type of thing. Supposedly, there are a few old timers in Bethel, that are OBSESSED with apostate sites.

    At the end of the day, they are such hypocrites, because they are literally "endangering" those bethelites "spirituality", at least according to the WTS bullshit, by making them read "apostate" sites. These guys are so obsessed with gathering info, that they just don't care.

    I think a little "proof" of this, is how much the GB has been focusing on "apostate lies", lately. Its a combo of a few things, like "damage control" for all the backlash from the WTS failed policies, increasing numbers of people leaving, and the internet blowing up with information that's CRUSHING them.

    This kind of crap, like monitoring apostate sites, and illegally trying to get members PRIVATE/PERSONAL info, are the actions of a failing, paranoid, collapsing, organization.

    That about sums up where the BORG is nowadays, that's for sure.

  • EndofMysteries

    O btw if you did get a call, deny knowing what they are talking about, and ask why the accuser was on an apostate website and communicating with apostates :)

  • Vidiot

    @ Dunedain...

    You think they're getting nervous, huh?

  • SouthCentral

    This is incredible!!! I am not surprised though. Many leave the org. as a result of the activities of evil apostates!!

  • SouthCentral

    Staying IN the org. and NOT getting disfellowshipped is one of the fears of the organization! You pose a giant threat.

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