Warning: Watchtower computer dept. registers accounts on Ex-JW sites, coerces people to divulge their personal details

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  • slimboyfat

    I am at a loss to know what they are trying to achieve. Are they trying to stop leaks? That's never going to happen. There will always be leaks, surely they realise that.

    Or do they just like to think of themselves as virtual James Bond?

    If they want embarrassing and damaging stuff to stop leaking then the only way to achieve that is to stop writing embarrassing and damaging stuff in the first place.

    If their policies were humane, ethical and reasonable they wouldn't need to worry about keeping them blood secret!

  • raven

    Wow very interesting.. Marked

  • steve2

    I agree SBF. I doubt there is a "policy" of infiltration. More likely to be a lone JW who hides identity.

  • Nitty-Gritty

    Correct freemindfade. It's not a top down sanctioned thing. Just as there are "apostates" in the org, who leak info,(even high up - eg. circuit overseers) there are "lone wolves" who take it upon themselves to "spy" on apostate websites and harass people.

  • Simon

    I too doubt this is anything official. They would not be so stupid as to put themselves at any risk of legal action or even being found out as having anything todo with apostates which would go against their own mantra and be a huge embarrassment.

    If they were going to do it, I also doubt they would be so stupid as to use their own network as the source. It would be incredibly clumsy. It is far more likely to just be some over eager zealot thinking they are doing the right thing and in doing so, doing exactly the wrong thing.

  • bohm

    Wow I thought this would be a total tin-foil topic but it's hard to argue with the IP...

    It's probably not organized from the top, but it is still interesting -- goes to show the online community is putting the fear of God in them :-).

  • scratchme1010

    We had a bad experience with Watchtower trying to infiltrate our forums. Let this story be a warning for all you guys here. If you value your privacy do not EVER send your real contact details to anyone, even if you trust them (because their accounts could be hacked or accessed by their relatives - and yes, this happened to people I know several times already).

    ...or you can just tell them to eff off. The Wt has no power, no rights and no authority over me, so my suggestion is for all who feel otherwise, start learning, and most important, start FEELING right about your real relationship with that organization.

  • Stealth

    I always had a hunch that Johnny the Bethelite was a double agent.

  • supernerdboy

    Blocking IP does no good, just track IPs that seem suspect and put a warning by there name. I use a VPN a lot of the time, and I hate it when I try to go to a forum and find they block my SHARED IP. Some sites will not even let me visit them. Which makes me think the owner of the site want people to give up there identity. Better for all to be safe. Wait was Johnny the ex Bethelite found out to be a spy?

  • Simon

    Why forum owners would block shared IPs, VPNs, proxies etc... ? Because the chance that someone using them is a perfectly well behaved poster goes down dramatically. It's usually a big red flag that someone intends to get up to no good.

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