Warning: Watchtower computer dept. registers accounts on Ex-JW sites, coerces people to divulge their personal details

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  • Landy

    ...maybe just a lone wolf?

    More like a daft little puppy if he's stupid enough to use his own network to do this.

  • objavitelj

    You cannot access apostate websites from bethel. They are all blocked. I tried once...

  • Landy

    Which probably adds weight to the theory it was someone in the IT dept.

  • notsurewheretogo
    You cannot access apostate websites from bethel. They are all blocked. I tried once...

    They are blocked use an engine that catergorizes websites and then blocks the category...they do not manually block URL's...thus some sites may get through.

    When I was down at Bethel I could access some because the scanning engine could not determine what category the site should go into as naturally it is not 100% foolproof.

  • Scarlett Jansen
    Scarlett Jansen

    Hi Everyone!

    I have question if you dont mind

    So the Dutch IP/JW, guy did he also harass or contact the person who gave his email? because he could easily do that with his C.V. (Independent Senior Network Engineer for an Nonprofit Organization

    Emmen, Provincie Drenthe, Nederland

    Oh and btw im Scarlett, :P

  • stuckinarut2

    And once again it proves that any organisation that promotes or condones such inappropriate behaviour, and crosses boundaries, must be a cult.....

  • steve2

    Hi Scarlett and welcome. Hope someone can answer your good question.

  • hildebrando
    And here's another one:
    inetnum: -
    org-name: Wachttoren-, Bijbel en Traktaatgenootschap Kerkgenootschap
    person: Computer Department
    address: Wachttoren-, Bijbel- en Tractaatgenootschap
    address: Noordbargerstraat 77
    address: 7812 AA Emmen
    address: Netherlands
    e-mail: noc.nl@jw.org
    phone: +31 591683555
    This one was, surprisingly, from Netherlands

    WTS Archive:

    I confirm that the information you have given us on this topic is correct:

  • Scarlett Jansen
    Scarlett Jansen

    This is getting very interesting, because if he(the other stalker) is from Bethel Emmen and threatend to expose that other person to , that is onacceptable

    I really like to know because this is a look -a -like scientology method and should not be tolerated at all!

    btw Hey Steve! :D

    grt. from the Netherlands

  • hildebrando

    He is from the Bethel Emmen:



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