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  • freemindfade

    I just put myself in the place of the unbelieving child and her parents, here this little girl had the courage to draw a picture with a heart on it about her loving parents who happen to be two women. She was courageous and proud. Its a beautiful thing. Now shes gonna get shit on by little Sophia and made to feel ashamed about what she was once proud of. That pisses me off.

    I'll be the last person to get offended by things, but the implication of dragging kids into this really makes me sick. i think it transcends the adult side of the issue we see day to day in the news. Maybe this kid was even picked on by other kids for having two moms, and in walks Sophia to add to it.

    JWS don't hide the fact they disapprove of homosexuality. Its another thing making a kids cartoon about shaming another child and it makes me furious as a parent.

  • Crazyguy
    Can't be gay but can have multiple sexual partners and wives.
  • konceptual99

    Or shag your Dad.

    Or throw a servant girl to a mob to be raped to death.

  • freemindfade
    If someone went to my daughter and told her that her parents weren't acceptable because they were *insert whatever category you like* I am going to be kicking someones ass for making her even have to think about that. It could be any form of bigotry.
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  • nonjwspouse


    And from my experience, JW homeschooling is an absolute joke. I watched my sister go through a program that was so simple in high school that I thought it was for grades K-5. How can uneducated people educate their children?

    My husbands cousin's was educated herself, but her two children, she homeschooled (and I use that word VERY loosely). They were given materials and pretty much left on their own to educate themselves. needless to say neither one ( both 30 and 32 have never held down a job good enough to make a living, and both are dependent. The older son is married into a strong JW family after spending most of his 20's on a couch at home watching TV. Now he is dependent on the wife's family, and her small job, but I expect putting in FS hours to get away with it by presenting it as all "spiritual". ( I know how lazy his life has been) The daughter became a need greater in Central America after trying to get engaged and marry ( a disaster and he backed out pronto, before a wedding could be had) . She has tried to go to classes to get certificates, etc. Their Mother ( and father by allowing it) did a number on them by not placing importance on their education through high school. Now, they suffer for it.

    The cousin's mother is a JW, but the cousin's father is not. His face turns beet red anytime school and education is brought up around him. He is VERY angry, and has been for his entire grandchildren's lives, at how his daughter depraved them of getting an adequate education.

    I must plug correct homeschooling however, Done correctly, it IS superior to the traditional school setting. But that is for another thread.

  • cofty

    The worse part of the video is that the little girl is being taught how to go back to school and make judgemental comments about her school friend's parents.

    The message of the video is the same as it has been for years...

    1 - The "world" think that the only thing that matters if two consenting people love each other.

    2 - Jehovah doesn't agree. If you want to play with pandas you have to follow the rules.

    It isn't hateful it's just dumb. Compared to most American evangelicals it's pretty tame.

  • wizzstick

    A lot of JWs fail to find a mate in the cult and are condemned to a life of enforced celibacy.

    That's not a relevant example.

    Most heterosexual JW's find a mate.

    Zero homosexual JW's can find a mate.

  • cofty
    That's not a relevant example. Most heterosexual JW's find a mate.

    It is relevant, the ones that don't find a mate are expected to remain celibate.

    The JW position is no sex outside marriage. It's ridiculous but it isn't hate.

  • wizzstick

    It isn't hateful it's just dumb.

    It is hateful.

    The message is, if you're gay you can change.

    You can't.

    It's like me saying, if you want to you can stop being straight. And because of that, if you don't you will have to be celibate until you die.

    Hate doesn't need to be about about screaming at people. Foaming at the mouth Westboro style. It can be about placing someone into impossible situation and making them feel it's their fault.

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