Met JWs today - they lied about who they were

by Xanthippe 47 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Giordano

    Ruby we saw a grand example of lying by Geoffrey Jackson at the ARC. Take it from the top........ of the Society........ lying is acceptable in the name of their truth.

    However if your lying about something related to your religion how can it be the Truth?

    There is a difference about being a Bible Student and being a bible student re JW. There is a difference about pushing one aspect of one's religion to set the hook in someone who would never have been willing to join a group like that.

    Like the Mormons, Scientologists, Christian Scientists, Moonies ......JW's are among a long list of other dishonest religions. They lead with lies.....they look for a way to worm themselves into your head and life. These are all dangerous cults, all of them have reckless constructs.

    The blood on their hands is vast.

    The fact that you are a defender of JW lies tells me that your lying is an acceptable way of life. All for a good cause? Not.

  • Ruby456

    Giordano I,m commenting on this specific incident - I,m no defender of the watchtower. I,m not sure where u got that impression


    taking advantage of ambiguity is certainly not willfully deceptive behaviour....Ruby456

    I'm not sure wiki is such a good source - I mean according to wiki most advertising would be lying through omission.....Ruby456

    You defend..

    JW`s "taking advantage of ambiguity"......JW`s "Lying By Omission".

    Then used "Theocratic Warfare Strategy".

    Image result for Small arrow pointing down

    I,m no defender of the watchtower. I,m not sure where u got that impression....Ruby456

    I think the forum just learned, a little more about you..

  • steve2

    Xanthippe, my response may not have been as well worded as it could have been. I was not defending JWs but wondered if you could have been more upfront about the library's own processes of accepting leaflets from members of the public. I also appreciate the need for tactfulness in your position so was not recommending you argue with the woman. Best, steve2

  • Ruby456

    Athanks for your thoughts outlaw - I can identify with ordinary jws - apart from that what can I say - not much and I won,t even try to convince u about anything else

  • Ruby456

    Btw I as I have already said it is important to aim for realism - the reality is in the uk jehovahs witnesses are not a cult - they r viewed as mainstream by the government, by sociologists and by most everyone who has any influence

  • Xanthippe

    Thanks for saying that Steve. Yes I normally do explain the library policy for accepting items for diplay and if she had handed it to me and said we are JWs please display this it would have been straightforward. I was dumbfounded by the barefaced lie.

    My mind was racing but when a person says we represent one organization but they clearly represent something else entirely it is very difficult to speak especially, as you say, when one has to be tactful. Next time I will be ready for them.

  • tepidpoultry

    I have a number of memories concerning identification and suppression

    over the years,

    Nobody would EVER tell anybody in ministry who they were,

    It would have to be "beaten" out of them,

    One thing I really thought about was a letter from the Society stating

    that we were not to identify ourselves as "from the Watchtower"

    (Odd as this is what our publications said)

    Was Headquarters ashamed of its little foot soldiers??

    That's certainly the message I received,


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