Met JWs today - they lied about who they were

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  • steve2

    What if she comes back to check if the leaflet is on display in the library? How would your tactfulness have worked? She could complain she was led to believe her leaflet was accepted. In a way you have duplicated her lack of transparency by not being upfront with her.

    You should have told her at the time that all submitted leaflets go through a library vetting process to ensure they are relevant for the intended audience. Or if you were concerned that your confiscating her leaflet could come back and bite you, you could have taken it to a supervisor and explained that in your view the leaflet was primarily religious literature and not about sign language.

  • Xanthippe
    Or if you were concerned that your confiscating her leaflet could come back and bite you

    I'm not, I know our guidelines for vetting leaflets. She lied to me and apart from accusing her of being a liar the only thing I could do was accept the leaflet with a smile. The final decision is ours anyway. Find it odd that so many people seem to be becoming JW apologists here.

  • just fine
    just fine

    You were at work you have to play by the rules, at least you made sure some vulnerable person isn't going to get roped into this. Whenever I see the literature anywhere I take it and rip it up and put it in the trash. Most of the time I do it quietly so as not to make a scene.

    I have had a chance to share information about the Witnesses with the three local law enforcement agencies (city, county, state) because the Witnesses kept leaving literature in the local government buildings. That won't happen anymore. 😀

  • sparrowdown

    I wonder what she would have said if you asked her about the JWborg logo? I think JWs should be asked questions about their motives and intentions more often than they are, they think they're getting away with their theorcatic deceptiveness. Sad.

    I accompanied a sister once who regularly dumped huge stacks of magazines at quite a few businesses in town under some less than honest arrangement with the management about what she was doing and who she represented, like you they smiled and took them but I 'm pretty sure those mags got dumped as soon as she walked out the door. I thought to myself at the time what a collosal waste of time and paper it was and how dishonest!

  • Ruby456

    Jws never come back to see if their leaflets r displayed - oh dearie dearie me yawn

  • stuckinarut2

    Yes, I agree, it was quite dishonest.

    However, in advertising, it is a common thing for a company to start another entity that they can use to validate their claims.

    For instance, I believe that the food chain "Subway" have a legal name called "doctors inc".

    They then make claims like "our products are supported by Doctors inc of america.....

  • LongHairGal


    Witnesses are trained to be less than honest about who they are. I saw this back in the day when I went out door to door. The JW I was with would say: "hello we are bible students...."

    I preferred to say I was a Jehovah's Witness and get it out of the way. If they rejected me, which happened most of the time, it was less time spent at a door and less time spent in an activity I absolutely hated!!😡


    I had 2 JW Women call..

    I asked who they were..
    (I already knew, the WBT$ Crap Literature was a dead giveaway.)


    "We`re Bible Students!"

    Image result for Jehovahs witness women preaching

    Never, ever, expect a JW to tell you the Truth..

  • jp1692
    When did they start telling outright lies?

    That goes back to Rutherford st least!

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    @Xanthippe. Next they come by tell them that you're on to them and that they could get arrested for misrepresenting themselves. I don't think they'll want to come back.

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