WT's Billions $$$$$$$ & and NOT one Nursing Home for the Old

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  • JT

    As i looked at these photos I could not help but to think of the $$$$$$ Billions that they own around the world and they have not setup One retirement Home for it's members

    Outside of any members who are Bethelites such as CO, DO, Missionaries who have spent 40-60yr of service to the Corp they have no where to go

    how sad


    so much for looking after the widows and fatherless boys

  • JH

    The end is for tomorrow, remember....no need for any retirement or nursing home.

    I guess they believe their own bull s*it.

    The money they have is not for the welfare of it's members I guess.

  • JT

    words have never been spoken any truer my friend

  • larc


    This is just one thing about the religion that just royally pisses me off.

  • minimus

    Building nursing homes and hospitals is the responsibility of Satan's organization. Now, GO and make disciples as Jesus commanded.

  • JH

    Well said Min.

  • herk
  • LDH

    JT, I am LMAO for two reasons.

    1... I read the thread and then clicked on the link. I kept looking at that crap website for like ten minutes, thinking, "Where's all the pictures of the old people that need nursing homes?" and then it dawned on me....These were all pictures of the properties the WTBS owns. That was the point of the whole website---"Look at what Jehovah owns." I wonder what closet they shove the elderly in, LOL. I know I shoulda caught it faster but dammit, I'm tired.

    2. note this paragraph:

    Quality control of book covers. This brother was working with the Bible Stories book. You'll remember from the "Organization" video a brother who was doing the same thing. They really are as fast as in the video.

    I don't know why, but for some reason this paragraph made me burst out laughing. It's next to a photo of some sod Bethelite who is sorting book covers. It really cracked me up the way she talked about how FAST they could perform slave labor, LOL. As if sorting book covers is the ULTIMATE job in the world, when actually it's the PENULTIMATE.

    My tickle box is turned over tonight.


    Anti-"Organization" Class

  • InquiryMan

    On the video sequence: that was speeded up on the film, so it would be next to impossible to work in that speed, but who cares... I once read an experience in the WT over a home in Japan for retired missionaries. So at least they have one... I also once remember reading on a witness site of a private setup of a old age home in the US. I guess this is enabled due to the change of the generation doctrine...

  • JT


    I know what you mean- the thought of all that $$$-- just being wasted on helping NO ONE--

    LDH- you summed it up very nicely indeed- hey if you dont; laugh it will make you cry

    JH, Herk, Minumus- i guess you guy are right they will have to go to the Slavation ARMY for help


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