Booster shots required for Bethelites and special full time servants?

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  • Mikejw

    The GB Goons probably received moolah for e/jabbed individual. Perhaps the Goon Squad themselves were injected w/saline same as politicians, some celebs, etc., etc.


    so true the head of the UN spokesman has now admitted not having even his first one

    I doubt all the GB actually had it otherwise they would be getting I’ll now

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    Mikejw7 hours ago

    Over the next ten years you are going to see huge health problems in the fully vaxed populations

    ok--so what do you suggest these fully vaxed people do ?

  • carla

    Fully vaxed may find this of interest especially if you have issues you did not have prior to being vaxed

    For those that don't believe anybody has been injured here is a very short video$/embed/FLCCC-I-RECOVER-Post-Vaccine-Syndrome-Protocol-promo/c71ad2b16b4a899403e678db39658fde7e53eab6?r=BkjnKWKUaBMwqzvheB3m2ueJ4ceNRm1g

  • carla

    While this is long it could be eye opening to some. If you only get your news from mainstream media I hope you keep an open mind just like you had to when you left the jw's.

  • Mikejw

    mRNA Platform Inventor Sifts Through the Lies



    if the members of the GBody did take the very shots they do fiercely pushed on their 8 million followers then they would be having the same health problems now that the rest of the vaxed are getting

    if they keep themselves fully vaxed as they keep saying that means never going longer than six months without another booster spike protein experimental drug injected into their bodies

    just look at the young people having health problems as a result of staying fully vaccinated

    these fat old men on the GB do not lol healthy, they consume too much food and alcohol that big gut is often as a result of failing liver.

    I doubt very much if they keep themselves fully vaccinated every six months.

    interestingly they haven’t been pushing the ‘staying fully vaccinated status’ narrative of late. It’s too late now the congregations are all saying has it been six months since your last jab? You are not following direction for the GB as you are not fully vaxed if you o six months without another shot

  • Mikejw

    In the don’t smoke whiteboard animation video at the end he says to the one offering him the drug “no thanks I’ve looked at the risks and it’s not for me”

    this is exactly what we should say when offered this experimental aborted baby containing drug, but then we are told you are not following directions from the GB

  • GabeAthouse
    this is exactly what we should say when offered this experimental aborted baby containing drug, but then we are told you are not following directions from the GB

    Probably a complete waste of Cntrl-V but oh well....

    "They contain aborted fetal cells:

    This is a misconception that appeals strongly to people who are anti-abortion. Aborted fetal cells are not contained in any of the COVID-19 vaccines, although they were used to test the vaccine. The cell line used in testing was HEK-293, which was obtained from a fetus that happened to be aborted in the 1960-1970s.[65] Contrary to what anti-vaxxers may claim, the purpose of the abortion was not to obtain the HEK cells. It makes absolutely zero sense to reject the COVID-19 vaccine based solely on the fact it was tested on HEK-293 cells, as almost all modern medicines have been tested on it. It's nearly impossible to avoid using pharmaceutical products that have not been tested on HEK cells – if using medicines/vaccines tested on them is "unethical", you can say goodbye to modern medicine. In fact, it is estimated that the top 20 medications prescribed in the US have been tested on HEK cell lines"

  • new boy
    new boy

    If you check the death rates, you will find they are way up....and most of the deaths are not Covid related. However the higher death rates are among the vast majority of of people who have been vaccinated. I was told this by my cousin who is charge of all the nurses at three major hospitals in New York City area.

    So for those of you that have got vaccinated good luck....It's a good thing the folks at Wallkill NY have a resurrection hope because it looks like they are going to need it!

  • Smiles


  • Mikejw

    Over the next decade the majority of fully vaxed people will develop very serious health problems or die.

    the 8 million rank and file will be reduced in number and those remaining will be unwell with blood clots and all these vaccine induced illnesses

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