Booster shots required for Bethelites and special full time servants?

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  • Mikejw

    Let me ask you ?, was it your career as a Janitor/Window washer or was it your preaching work of telling people gods final new covenant was only with eight magical warlords prepared you better in your new career as an internet epidemiologist.


    Riley let me ask as your are sticking up for the GB and big pharma, what would you say to all those fully vaxed people who are getting blood cots from the spike protein? What would you say to all fully vaxed sports people collapsing?

    would you say you made the right choice getting aborted baby cells injected into you multiple times? Tell them they have a big heart?

    yes they do have a big heart now. Dangerously swollen from miocarditus

  • Vidqun

    Riley, perhaps you should wake up. Here's some VAERS numbers. There's a European one (EUDRA) and an English one (Yellow Card):

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i'm just getting over covid:--tested positive last wednesday--been really ill for a few days. tested negative these last 3 days.

    Thankfully--like the vast majority of UK citizens--i had 3 jabs--with no ill effects whatsoever. I do think if i hadnt had those jabs i would be in serious trouble now.

  • Vidqun

    Some of us never had covid (unjabbed) = natural immunity.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    /\ /\ until you get it . ( But i hope you dont )

  • Chezdale

    Riley, I find you fascinating. Let me give you some anecdotal evidence. I could give you some “scientific evidence” facts to further add to what Vidqin said.

    I will relate a story, a personal story anecdote. ..of my experience over the past couple of years.

    I work in a small to medium size business of around 20+ persons. As we supply medical equipment I was fortunate to keep my job all the way through this time. The team has people late teens, 20s 30s 40s 50s and and 2 in the 60s.

    Fortunately management didn’t mandate the injections.

    When the injections became available some were determined not to get it. Gradually they did. Some had up to 4. Most have had 3 and decided not to get a 4th.

    I have not had one. I was the only one not to have it. For me, simply put I did not feel right about it an if people asked I would say my conscience wouldn’t permit me. I was supportive of those that had it and never said they should or should not.

    Here’s what I observed.

    Two managers resigned within 5 months of getting the injection. Both had developed heart problems - men in there early 40s. One young man in his mid 20s has constant health issues and was previously fit but not now. Another man in his early 30s cannot work due to dizziness. A woman in her mid fifties is now deaf in one ear and has constant tinnitus. And another of similar age has issues with menstrual problems.

    and more but I won’t go on.

    Outside of work.. my youngest brother, a previously fit and healthy gardener can no longer work due to severe inflammation and can no longer walk due to issues with the soles of his feet.

    A friend in his 60s was found by his wife a few days after his injection dead watching television due to a heart problem, never manifest before.

    All of the people I work with - 20 have had covid. Many of them more than once. I am the only one not vaccinated and I have not have it. I have been exposed many many times, my job does not isolate me and I very rarely wear a mask. I am not an anti Vader nor an anti masker. I take public transport to work

    From my observation this is an operation of fear, Fear will break down the immune system. The injection is not a vaccine. It does not work. Repeated injection will, and are further weakening immune systems.

    Our own God given immune system is being trodden in the dirt and deliberately so.. that is why there are no campaigns or education being given to help people strengthen their immune defences.

    WT is disgustingly culpable here as they have played along with the white robed gods of Pharma!

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert


    I am in the same camp as you. I have a personal friend a ER Doc [raised a JW], he took the shots had a heart attack. Has a bro & sister who are research doctors [ I can't remember if they are still JW's], so had all the latest technical data.

  • GabeAthouse
    I am in the same camp as you. I have a personal friend a ER Doc [raised a JW], he took the shots had a heart attack.

    I got 2 shots and the booster. Couple months later I sprained my wrist. That hadn't happened before.
    I had a relative who took the shots and a little over a year later died of some sort of 'blockage'. She was only 92!
    This past spring, my stepfather had a minor operation to remove a hemorrhoid. Almost 1 year after getting the vaccine! I purchased the sunday newspaper last week to get the weekly coupons and they have an entire column listing the recently deceased! People in their 20's,30's, 40's 60's 90's. Nearly an entire column of the recently dead in my city!

    Damn You Vaccine!

  • GabeAthouse
    Some of us never had covid (unjabbed) = natural immunity.

    There are millions of people who lived before there was a polio or smallpox vaccine. They lived! Therefore those vaccines were useless.

    There are thousands and thousands of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. They are still alive! Therefore Kevlar is just a money making scam on the american taxpayer!
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i dont know anyone personally that has died from covid.

    i also dont know anyone that has had a life changing or serious reaction to the vaccine.

    i even know a lot of people that have had covid--even though they had several jabs--and are now recovered.

    and i'm sure there must be lots that have never had the vaccine, and have never been covid positive.

    i wouldnt dream of advising anyone to have--or not have --the vaccine---its entirely their choice or decision.

    But i CANNOT see any justification in some on here advising others NOT to get vaccinated.---JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP.

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