the watchtower is starting to crumble

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  • cofty

    It's true that JWs do not have a mentality of financial giving as other religions do.

    Perhaps it's a result of all the boasting they used to do about never soliciting and fantastical stories about how god will provide.

  • Vidiot

    Sometimes it feels like they're actually trying to provoke the secular world (albeit somewhat passive-aggressively).

  • slimboyfat

    My post appeared twice because of delays. And both times I managed to misspell the word "effort".

    Yes I agree WT appears to be in a real crisis. I don't know how it will play out, but put it this way: as dramatic as the changes of recent years have been, I believe their crisis is such that greater drama is yet to come. I think it is a mistake to think they have restructured in such a way to create a strategy for future stability. As another poster noted, they are sticking their head in the sand over the two witness rule. Every indication is they are doing the same about their financial and organisational problems. And chickens are now coming home to roost.

  • Bad_Wolf

    I know somebody who just woke up, it all started with Tight Pants Tony for the first broadcast spending 45 minutes about yoga pants. God's organization in the last days on that historic day directing that to happen was just too much to keep the cognitive dissonance going, so they started researching where they previously dare not, and asking ex jws questions, few months later they are out!

  • LV101

    The only reason JWs beat other religions on time expended is because they're forced to be seen and submit evidence (altho it's fake in many cases) to be considered in good standing. It's their friendship/social circle fee for being a JW. They don't come close to fulfilling biblical requirements like many of the xtian churches. There's no charity or feeding of the poor, caring for the sick, the downhearted, disadvantaged -- none of this is part of their xtian duties. I know certain JWs help interested ones and those who are of exemplary status in the halls -- big deal! Churches have always supported their members and communities - it's considered a requirement of Christianity.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Wouldn't you like to know the WT's stipulated net worth? Do lawsuits bring about net worth statements and can those figures be audited?

    Having determined that the superior court had the authority to issue the subject
    monetary sanctions, we summarily reject Watchtower's other attacks on the court's
    authority. Considering Watchtower's stipulated net worth, we do not conclude the
    amount of the sanctions was harsh or intended to punish Watchtower. To the contrary, it
    appears the court tried to select an amount that would successfully motivate Watchtower.
    Additionally, we are not persuaded that the sanctions were improper because they
    concern some future potential conduct. The sanctions properly apply to Watchtower's
    current conduct, i.e., refusing to comply with a valid discovery order.
  • _Morpheus

    I would LOVE the org to have to release their finicals. It would give great fodder and real insight for discussion on the orgs future.

    Lemme know if that fantasy ever happens

  • LV101

    Law firms hire investigators to track down monies - they wouldn't reveal or make public the financial statements to outside sources unless subpoenaed. Once their litigation papers are filed with court it becomes public information (unless documents sealed by court) and such financial info could be ascertained. Law firms or attorneys representing molestation cases must have to track down the cult's assets after judgments -- the cult probably has been able to just scribble out checks to vics thus far and no need for firms to do extensive investigation. I kind of doubt this -- firms I know of use investigators worldwide.

  • LV101

    The GB crooks or their superiors may have it buried out somewhere -- the old time casino Mafia owners use to bury a lot of monies here - it just disappears. Can't do that any longer with the gaming commission - everything is under surveillance and no more mafia. Cult being a religion can do anything.

  • _Morpheus

    Forensic fincial investigators are good at what they do.. but until someone does and we see the results we have zero evidance, dispite what some people try to sell on the forum.

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