"Keith It is with Great Sadness that I write this Note!"

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  • Finkelstein

    When JWS realize your not into their irrational delusions of what they believe you become a low life piece of shit that wont even talk to you.

  • blondie

    iwantoutnow, yes, I thought using the square acre thing assumed a lot of things,

    1) how much arable land is there despite the promise to make the desert bloom let alone clean water to support the crops

    2) how much arable land is needed to support one person regarding food really, let alone house and leave room for roads (are survivors going to be flying with or without machines?) Equipment, food, etc., will need to be transported.

    3) So god was going to provide manna for the survivors of Armageddon

    I was watching the series, Life on earth after people

    It was amazing how fast the land returned to its original state. If only 8 plus milllions jws will survive Armageddon per their doctrine, in a world that has over 7 billion people, and jws are spread all over the earth but in too small groups to keep that return, what faces those survivors? The WTS also teaches that the survivors would have to have the earth in a condition that could feed and house the 20 billion they say will be resurrected. All very improbable if not impossible even with god's so-called support.

    Jws and the WTS like to cover these questions with god will do it, he can do anything right? No knowledge or thinking required then either of the survivors.

  • iwantoutnow

    Its all bullshit that for decades I ate up like candy - because it was so much better than having to worry about being responsible myself.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    ''Beth Sarim - yup your right - it is 100 Billion.


    Hey no problem my friend.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Keith -- Your (former conditional) friend sounds like the typical delusional JW.

    Let's face it...........He Can't Handle The Truth.......... he's too deeply invested.

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  • Olig

    What we have to remember is that JW's think that human life started 6,000 years ago. The estimates for 100b are for the evolutionary theory that mankind started 50,000 years ago. May be an explanation there, but I second the point that the WT pull that figure out of their arse along with the overlapping generations and the rest of it! One long string of shit

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    We had a circus overseer who said in many talks that God could make humans smaller in the New World so that they could all fit into the planet besides which he would say He's God so he can resolve the issue in any way he wants.

    There is no arguing with that sort of BS reasoning is there!?

  • Diogenesister
    FYI---I not only did not read your book I TORE IT UP!!!"

    Imagine anyone else having a childhood friend who contacts them, has a chat on the phone, and then sends them the book they worked hard to write, free of charge.

    You'd be absolutely delighted and read it the minute you could.

    Sending them a letter of thanks....not tearing it up and telling them you did so!!

    I mean if that doesn’t tell you how loopy and mean spirited they are, I don’t know what will.

  • Vidiot
    iwantoutnow - "...Time and time again, I found they were distorting the message or the information the quote or reference came from. It happened enough for me to realize, they were doing this on purpose, and whoever was writing them knew exactly what they were doing..."


    Once again, for the lurkers, newbies, and trolls...

    ...if you have to cheat to defend your beliefs, your beliefs don't deserve to be defended.

  • sparky1

    This is probably the letter you should have gotten:

    Dear Keith,

    Thank you for thinking of me and sending me your book. Although I don't necessarily agree with what you have written, I respect your position and your right to hold your own views. As old friends I think that our policy with each other is that we 'can agree to disagree.' I treasure our friendship highly and will not let a disagreement in ideologies come between us or negate our long standing friendship. If it is alright with you, I would appreciate that moving forward you not bring up these issues any more in our conversations and I will try not to 'reconvert' you to the Jehovah's Witness way of life. So please call me on the phone, my friend and we can make arrangements to get together and 'rehash' the old days. I would love to see you and catch up on your life!

    Your friend,


    Essentially,this is the letter you got:

    Dear Keith,

    [email protected] YOU! Don't contact me ever again!


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