No50 years as a J.W.,born in 1949 in Azusa Calif, raised in Glendora Calif. My father was DFed in 1961 for not going to the Kingdom Hall he was assigned to, by 3 brothers who later all left or got kicked out of the borg too! Pioneered in Salina Kansas 1968-1970. Was at N.Y. Bethel 1970-1974. Married in March 1974-July 2001,My Wife left me after a 27 years of marriage, because I no longer wanted to be a Jehovah Witness. Lost my sister, 99% of all my friends, and could have lost my 2 children, but they were treated so badly, because I left, that my children left the loveless organization too. We all are doing fine now. Now my ex-wife will have nothing to do with me and little to do with her kids, or her grand children. She turned her back on her own father who was Dfed in 1958! He later blew his brains out, because his 2 children (my exwife)would have nothing to do with him, plus he was not allowed to see his only grand children {my children}! and why? The only thing he was doing wrong was smoking. My father could see me and my children even though he had not been a J.W. for 40 years and he was smoking too! The only difference is, he knew it was all bullshit, got reinstated back in 1965 and faded. It is absolutely amazing what you can get people to believe in! By their love you will recognize them-------Isn't that the truth! All the above story is in my book call "New Boy."