Was there really a specific request for money in this week's meeting?

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  • dbq407

    And WT knows that all the elders have to do is introduce a resolution to the cong. to send a specified amount and they will get it. Then the local k.h. can be short on funds that month because of it.

  • stuckinarut2

    I knew about the past arrangements for the KHAA (insurance for halls) and the TOAP (CO cars)

    As the accounts servant for years, we were told there would never be a specific monetary amount per publisher stipulated. But it seems this has now been changed, and this specific per publisher amount is announced?

    But this recent request, is it something new in addition to those things??

  • _Morpheus

    Stuck, this is the same program. The “per pub” thing has always been there its just read aloud now

  • stuckinarut2

    Ok thanks Morpheus.

    It makes sense now....

  • Diogenesister

    Light Spiller The per-publisher amount was included in a letter that was read out to all the congregation from the platform - the total amounts where:

    America = US $ 14.00

    Spain = US $ 8.34 (7 Euros)

    Britian = US $4.08 (£3.00)

    Hang on! I feel insulted! Why are they asking twice as much from the Spanish as they are the British?! And why so much more from the yanks?

    Are we the poor bloody relatives all of a sudden?!

  • DesirousOfChange

    This has been happening for years. Specific amount (per Cong based on publisher head count) for CO's cars & insurance, and KH insurance.

  • jp1692

    WTBTS: "We never ask for money or solicit funds ... except when we do!"

  • AverageJoe1
    Why are they asking twice as much from the Spanish as they are the British?!

    @diogenesister That's because we are terrible at maintaining our KHs and contributing!!!!

    Yes it was 7€ not 2€ as I previously stated.

  • WTWizard

    Asking is one thing. But, they do not deserve it. Give nothing, no matter what--and, if they start hounding and tracking your donations, pledge that they will get nothing if they keep bothering you about it. Which is more than what they deserve--they deserve minus.

    They might be passing this as a one-off for the year. But, there will be others. Cashing in on disasters that are partly a product of the LIE-ble and the curse it placed on the planet? I suppose the next time we get a windstorm (which happens all the time in winter in the Pacific Northwest), a snowstorm (which happens all the time in the Rockies and the Eastern Seaboard), a thunderstorm (they might wish to take residence in Florida to monitor those), a rainstorm (those always happen in the Pacific Northwest during winter, along with parts of Europe and Asia during storm or monsoon season), a drought (monitor the Sahara Desert for that), a cold snap, heat wave, forest fire, earthquake of magnitude 1.0 or higher, volcano eruption (such as in Hawaii), and meteor impacts on barren lands (the meteor can be as little as 1 micron). Each time something happens, they demand another round of donations.

    And just think of what you could get with the money. With 14 toilet papers, you could procure for yourself 8 silver dimes (at today's silver prices). Of note, their own damnation book is quoted to instruct people not to procure silver. And that is per incident where they demand donations. They get the amount they deserve, you get a little silver, and you keep whatever silver you do buy. When the currency does collapse (and, the longer they prop it up, the worse it will be when it does go), you have your little stash of silver dimes to provide a few days' buffer. All the while, the washtowel gets nothing.

  • Fisherman
    Here in Spain Average Joe

    What is a "Can", "Cadela", and "Duro" in Spanish money?

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