Was there really a specific request for money in this week's meeting?

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  • keinlezard


    here in France ( near Paris ) the letter was never read !

    neither last week nor present week.

    There are French people here who listen this letter ?

  • tiki

    So first they take over / steal all the cong properties from under their feet...then they proceed to embezzle even more funds. And they get away with it. There is some rotten scheme masterminding this whole thing...and under the guise of scripture?!?!? Something is rotten in walkill or wherever it is ... I personally think those characters are pawns for a larger cause.

  • punkofnice

    A pimo I know said that the local jobos had agreed to send an EXTRA £500 to pervert HQ. I am told the statement Chuck rissole made about 'if the money runs out' was alluded to but I need further clarification as it was a very brief text message.

    Totally angrifying!

  • konceptual99

    As has been pointed out, there have been donation requests based around per head calculations for years. The global assistance programme is just a new name for old stuff - probably due to some creative account requirements that the org has found to hide money more easily.

    Not only that but circuit assemblies and regional conventions have always had a congregation donation element to them, again on a per capita basis.

    It's a neat way to ensure and forecast a baseline income.

    What is interesting is the difference in sums being asked. Someone somewhere will have done a calculation but I guess we will never know the detail of the parameters used.

  • nowwhat?

    So they can directly specify funds for this. But when it comes to disaster relief they can't do it? Hmmm

  • freemindfade

    "Unexpected events" = abuse lawsuits.

  • waton

    The letter mentions ~1 dollar a month, p.p. why is that discussion worthy?

  • _Morpheus

    Hellva good point, nowwhat.

    Also, as other have noted already, this isnt new. Its been going on for years and years, this khaa or whatever name they call it now.

  • carla

    Is the recommended amount per meeting (sun & mid week), weekly, monthly or what? thanks

  • darkspilver

    carla: Is the recommended amount per meeting (sun & mid week), weekly, monthly or what? thanks

    The per-publisher rate is an annual, once-a-year rate.

    The Elders can then decide if the congregation should pay the amount as a lump-sum, in one go, or if they spread payments over the year, such as each month.

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