Was there really a specific request for money in this week's meeting?

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  • stuckinarut2

    I have seen a few comments about this week's meeting.

    Was there actually a part that specified an actual per-publisher amount that should be donated regularly?

    Can this be confirmed please?

    I truly cant believe just how brazen the society seems to be getting - AND how desperate they are!

    Didn't the first issue of the WT clearly say "we will never beg nor petition for money, and that if the funds do not come in, it would be evidence of Jehovah not blessing the work" (words to that effect)

  • pale.emperor

    I have a few PIMO JW's on my FB who say here in England they were asked for £3 each.

    The Americans were asked for about $7. Can our American friends confirm this?

    Dont know if this means per week/month/year or what but with 8 million JWs that would bring in about £24 million for Watchtower in just one meeting.

  • AverageJoe1

    Yes. Here in Spain it was 2€ each. It was so ironic going on for half an hour about how Russell emphasised we never beg for money then we get a 10 minute letter doing precisely that!

    It won't make a jot of difference though as even the PIMIs will forget what they agreed to after a few weeks.

  • Gorbatchov

    Very strange... Bad planning?


  • darkspilver
    stuckinarut2: I have seen a few comments about this week's meeting. Was there actually a part that specified an actual per-publisher amount that should be donated regularly?

    Yes, and you even joined in the discussion about it too though it was nine days ago....


    The per-publisher amount was included in a letter that was read out to all the congregation from the platform - the total amounts where:

    America = US $ 14.00

    Spain = US $ 8.34 (7 Euros)

    Britian = US $4.08 (£3.00)

    September 11, 2017, Re: US Global Assistance Arrangement for the 2018 Service Year

    The Global Assistance Arrangement (GAA) is designed to prevent and pay for losses resulting from “unexpected events” that could affect the organization. (Eccl. 9:11) It cares for incidents at Kingdom Halls, Assembly Halls, and branch facilities or wherever there is damage that is the result of natural disaster, fire, moisture, theft, or vandalism.

    Another similar arrangement is the Circuit Overseer Assistance Arrangement (COAA) which helps care for some of the health-care and transportation expenses of the hard-working circuit overseers and their wives in the United States branch territory.

    For the coming year, the anticipated costs of the GAA and COAA would be covered if each publisher were able to contribute approximately $14.00. This does not mean that each publisher is expected to contribute this exact amount. Instead, each congregation may choose to pass a resolution to contribute to the worldwide work the amount suggested by the body of elders from the congregation’s funds. Publishers can then contribute to their local congregation in harmony with their resolution.

    PS: (elders only) GAA = $8.00; COAA = $6.00

    As Gorbatchov said above - strange meeting planning - even if you're fully in agreement with the arrangment to pay towards these expenses - I think, if it was up to me, I'd at least push for the letter to be dealt with the following week...

    pale.emperor: The Americans were asked for about $7. Can our American friends confirm this?

    Actually it was for a total of $14.00 - as per letter above

  • pale.emperor

    Thanks darkspilver

    I very much doubt that all this money is going in the "Global Assistance" pot. I wouldn't put it past them to be simply cashing in on a series of natural disasters.

    Then again, paying off a child abuse claim could be considered an ""unexpected event” that could affect the organization".

    Even keeping that £24 million in the bank would incur interest for the borg.

  • Chook

    We don't send around a collection plate , we tell them how much is required to keep the slush fund from running dry.

  • Drearyweather

    Yes, darkspilver is right.

    The money is for the Global Assistance Arrangement (GAA) which was started in 2015 and replaced the already existing Kingdom Hall Assistance Arrangement (KHAA).

    The GAA coincided with the revised Kingdom Hall Fund (KHF) that was in operation for 30 years. That was the time when all Kingdom Hall Loans and mortgages were cancelled and congregations were asked to pool in resolved funds monthly towards this cause.That was also the time when the "Contributions for Kingdom Hall Construction Worldwide" box was removed.

    The reason given for this was the bible text 2 Cor 8:14: but that by means of an equalizing, your surplus at the present time might offset their need, so that their surplus might also offset your deficiency, that there may be an equalizing. "

  • Lostandfound

    Many hears ago our KH was insured in the UK with the o.d fim of Porter Cobb and Hamilton, it was for years and covered indemnity insurance as well, they paid out to other congregations when a claim arose with no trouble. Along came instructions from the Society and said we should NOT take insurance for the KH but they would provide a country wide scheme that allowed poorer congregations to have good insurance cover. Of course we were expected to pay WT for this no -insurance In fact the society made no provision for cover, only levying every congregation a specific per head “donation”

    When a significant amount of accidental damage was done by flooding to a local KH, the Society would not cover any of the damage telling the congregation to hire dehumidifiers to dry out the hall at the congregations expense. In time the society said such a scheme was now worldwide, to assist poorer countries cover repair costs etc without expensive insurance costs. A money scam on a global scale, and no accounts ! Ao for over 20years this been going on. How much money involved? No one will ever know. They may be weak on prophecy but dead hot on accounting

  • darkspilver
    pale.emperor: I very much doubt that all this money is going in the "Global Assistance" pot

    I understand that monies raised for both the Global Assistance Arrangement (previously called the Kingdom Hall Assistance Arrangement) and the Circuit Overseer Assistance Arrangement (previously called the Travelling Overseers Assistance Arrangement) are deemed by the Charity Commission as being 'Restricted Funds' - and this is how they are listed by the WT on their accounts.


    Maybe you should have another chat with the Charity Commission....


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